Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pandering To Gays At PG County Parish

A few days ago, I posted about the sorry mess that Cardinal George created with his implication that the teaching of Jesus Christ regarding the mortal sin of homosexual behavior was open to question.  Today I was given a copy of a letter written by Father George Wilkinson, pastor of Holy Redeemer Church in College Park, MD.  It is addressed to the parish at large and touches on the Church's opposition to gay "marriage".  You can read it here.  Written on December 28th, it predates Cardinal George's gaffe, but you'll see many of the same lamentable traits.

In speaking of the upcoming legislative battle, he notes that priests will be asked to oppose the mutilation of marriage.  Then he writes, "I understand such a request."  Maybe it's just me, but I sense a tone of regret in Father's acknowledgement of the Church's defense of authentic marriage.  He then writes, "I fully accept all people as my brothers and sisters in Christ".  Well, that sounds nice, but we cannot accept the sin in which these people engage in an ongoing basis.

He then goes on to say, "as a priest, I am morally obligated to extend my pastoral love and understanding to everyone".  Well, yes, but included in that priestly call is the solemn obligation to preach truth and repentance to those in his charge who are placing their souls in grave danger of eternal damnation.  The "gay community" as he calls them are in that community because of their ongoing sins of homosexual behavior.  These are objectively mortal sins.  I am not contriving this; such has always been the teaching of Almighty God.  By the same token, no one can disregard such teaching without placing him/herself in great peril.  That especially holds true for those who have solemn responsibility for souls enjoined on them by the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

As you progress through the letter, you'll notice his four questions.  All these have to do with how the gays can "most conveniently" continue their sinful lifestyles.  Nowhere therein does Father mention how he'll proclaim the Church's teaching to them in order to bring them to soul-saving repentance and reconciliation with God.  In fact, nowhere in this letter do I see one iota of concern about the salvation of the gay community.  Should that not be Father's overriding concern?  Ask yourselves - should one of these members of the "gay community" die unrepentant and stand before Our God's judgment throne, do you think any of these "property advantages" will amount to a hill of beans when he/she considers the eternal fate that awaits them?  But such are the priorities that Father Wilkinson mistakenly touts in this letter.

I can only hope that Father understands that the gay lifestyle is literally a ticket to hell.  I do not detect any such clarity in his letter.  Rather, I see much of the same confused, garbled message as that spouted by Cardinal George a few days ago.  Matt Abbott put out an excellent article a few days ago; please read it, as well as Laurie Higgin's article, to which he links.  Additionally, today's Vortex touches on the confusion caused by clerical vascilation, such as those by Cardinal George and Father Wilkinson  (click here if you cannot see embedded video).


  1. Right on Sister - Voris is TOTALLY CATHOLIC in this. I, too, am disappointed in Cdl. George's comments. You know, you're either Catholic or you're not. If you don't adhere to the teachings of the CC, then why do you bother??? I'm just so weary of feckless bishops.

  2. The kicker is the close: "Thank you for your consideration in this very sensitive matter" (not sin - very sensitive matter). How dare he use the Temple of God (our church where we (supposedly) worship HOLY GOD) to gain a better understanding of "the other side" (Satan's side). Why does he need a better understanding of Satan's side? He is supposed to preach the Word of God to the faithful - a pastor is to enlighten his flock in the ways of God (not speak for or against some political issue of the day), i.e. shepherd them to heaven, not invite lost souls into God's temple to teach the pastor their evil ways! Talk about giving a platform to those who disagree with the teachings of the Roman Catholc Church...

  3. There's an abortion clinic right in the middle of his parish, Advent is a time of preparation for the birth of Christ, this January 22 we mark the 39th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing abortion, but what is he preaching about, who is he inviting to speak at his parish, who is he seeking enlightenment from - not pro lifers - but those who practice sexual immorality with members of their own sex... An anticipatory meeting - because something seems likely - not because of the reality that 50 million babies have been killed while committed Catholics like him sat by enlightening themselves and their flock in the ways of evil -- Is it any wonder that there is an abortion clinic in the midst of his parish? Is it any wonder that in the State of Maryland -the State named for the mother of God - that babies are murdered in their mothers' womb up to the day of birth? Jesus and Mary weep.

  4. I am so very proud to have been a member of Father George's parish.

  5. you may be disappointed in them, but i'm disappointed in all of you.

    1. If your "disappointment" is rooted in sympathy or (God forbid) participation in the mortal sins of sexual perversion and/or abortion, I strongly suggest you get yourself to Confession and repent of those sins. Otherwise you risk the loss of heaven and the eternal and terrible pains of hell. Such horrors will make any "disappointment" look trivial in comparison. Please do so as soon as possible for none of us knows how much time we'll have before we appear before God's holy throne.


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