Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Michigan A Right To Work State

All the libs and progressives wail and whine on and on about "big business", etc.  But what about "big labor"?  At one time unions served a vital function - and they may still do some good.  But if you want to see proof positive that unions have gotten "too big for their britches" and have in many ways turned into thugs, here's some clips of union thuggery in Michigan that I suspect won't be considered "newsworthy" by the "lame-brain-main-stream" media.

Americans for Prosperity set up a tent near the union protests.  Unionized oafs didn't approve.  They tore down the tent - while people were inside.  They then punched a Fox News reporter in the face.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Here's another clip.

The "peaceful" union minions weren't finished.  Clint Tarver operates a hot dog stand and was serving food inside the tent.  In the eyes of the unionized mindless minions, that was "crime" enough to warrant punishment.  They wrecked his stand.  Fortunately (and to unionized chagrin, I suspect), the wider community rallied to Tarver's plight and raised thousands of dollars in donations so that he can replace his destroyed equipment and resume his career.  Now I thought the unions were all about championing the "little guy", right?  But there they were, in all their mad-mob glory, stomping all over a small business man simply because they didn't like his clientele!   Read this story and watch the related videos.

Perhaps these unions were all in a snit because they sense that their stranglehold on working people is ending.  So they're lashing out.  Well, the only way to calm this savage beast called "big labor" is to starve it of coerced dues.

Of course some progressive bishops side with the thugs.  Bishop Gumbleton (remember him?  He was forced to resign by the Vatican) says "right to work" goes against Catholic teaching.  No it doesn't.  All it means is that people cannot be forced to join unions.  They may do so - if they wish.  But now the choice is theirs'.  How can that be against Church teaching?

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