Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Multiple Instances Of Cross Being Mocked

At the end of March, the pope is scheduled to visit Morocco.  The Vatican released the logo that was designed for this visit.  Ostensibly, the cross and crescent are drawn to symbolize their "unity".  Here it is.  Let's set aside for the moment the obvious fact that there can be no authentic unity between truth and falsehood.   Do the cross and crescent at least look like they are equal?  Absolutely not.  Clearly the crescent is depicted as surrounding the cross - the cross being surrounded by and subsumed into the crescent.

Just a coincidence?  Well, remember this?  That monstrosity is the logo for the 2019 World Youth Day.  So we see two Vatican-selected logos: one shows the cross being surrounded by the muslim crescent.  The other shows the cross being poisoned and/or devoured by a serpent.  These logos are both designed to demonstrate contempt for the One True Faith and Our Lord Himself.

After the Angelus on New Year's Day, the Pope did not bless the people.  He uttered the Old Testament part, but stopped short of the "in the name of.." part.  There was no sign of the Cross.  These incidents of downplaying the Cross are increasing.  Why?  Might 1 Corinthians 1:18 offer a clue?


  1. He could not make it more clear. Catholics are willfully ignoring reality if they refuse to see what has been obvious for a few years now, he is a non-believer. He hates the Catholic faith, it is doubtful he has any faith at all. He is surely a Communist, and also certainly a globalist with an eye toward the destruction of Christendom.
    These men hate God. They hate the faith. They hate you and me. This is all too enjoyable to them.

  2. Kathleen1031, your post sums up perfectly what this person is, and what his agenda is. You have said it more clearly and eloquently than I ever could. It is said that the worst day of suffering for St. Faustina was December 17th, 1936. That was the day when Bergoglio was born. That says a lot, also.

  3. Not a problem !
    Our Holy Mother has the crescent moon under Her heel !

    1. Yes, that is what we see in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. However, this logo, approved by the Vatican, blasphemes the cross. For the scandal that it poses, especially coming from the Vatican, this is a huge problem. More accurately, it points to spiritual rot within the Vatican.

  4. And the cross is two scimitars.

  5. Francis is like a watermelon: green on the outside and red on the inside.

  6. Not all are willfully ignorant - some are compromised by their own situation for example, the traditional as you can get under Vatican II Carmel in Boulder. There, internet use is restricted, traditional exercises of Carmelite life permitted under Vatican II continue, and the sisters and the prioress were aware that there 'is a problem with the pope' a few years ago. They probably know more now than they did. I no longer send documentation since I value more the traditional, even if it is limited by Vatican II changes, than I want to 'enlighten' them.


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