Sunday, September 8, 2019

How Several Strains Of Progressivism Gained Ground Over This Past Century

As noted in a previous post, I'm currently reading Taylor Marshall's excellent book, "Infiltration".  In it he explores the history of the corruption of the Church hierarchy.  In reference to that corruption, we are now staring at its horrible consequences as they unfold before our very eyes.  Only those who stubbornly and yes, sinfully, persist in wearing rose-colored glasses will pretend to be ignorant of the sickness and impotence of today's parishes (with some exceptions).

Many people believe that the trouble started with the Vatican II council.  That is only when the disasters started to manifest themselves.  In reality, they have been almost 200 years in the making.  Recall that Pope St Pius X issued many encyclicals against modernism and he died over 100 years ago.  Again, I refer you to Marshall's book and to the source materials therein.  You can also browse the writings of the popes; you'll see the link on the right side bar of this blog.

Other ominous movements were afoot during that period, running parallel with the attempts to infiltrate the Church.  All of these bear the paw prints of freemasonry.  Within this anthology of posts I link to a movie called Maafa 21, exploring the eugenics movement as it rose in the United States following the Civil War.  You'll see therein how many of the eugenicists were involved in the Ku Klux Klan and the American Birth Control League.  The latter became known as Planned Parenthood.  In fact, Margaret Sanger, the foundress of Planned Parenthood, gave an address to at least one meeting of a women's auxiliary KKK group and corresponded with Nazi "doctors" prior to the outbreak of World War II.  Those doctors mastermined the mass murders of Jews and other "undesirables".  It is Sanger herself who referred to the poor as "human weeds".  Now it is important to ponder the term "Planned Parenthood".  Doesn't that sound like they simply want couples to plan when they have children?  Well, that's the current myth, but Sanger herself was up front about her intents.  If it were up to her, parents wouldn't do the planning, for by her sick measures, they might not be "fit" to be parents.  She must have realized that sort of totalitarianism wouldn't fly with the Americans of that era, so contraception became her answer.  I'd urge you to watch the Maafa 21 film.

I will now post a movie done by Ben Stein called "Expelled".  It details how atheistic Darwinism conquered academia and how it's stifled any differing scientific opinions about intelligent design.  My post will continue after the video.

All those who hold to Darwinism to the point of quashing other opinion whine and moan about how the intelligent design theory will empower religious people.  Quite frankly, their misgivings, from their warped perspectives, are rather logical.  Intelligent design implies a Supreme Intelligence, does it not?  Of course that means that mankind is not the supreme being in the universe, and that there is a God that has legitimate demands on our allegiance, obedience and worship.  They must either obey or disobey, with consequences to follow.  From that truth they instinctively recoil and lash out against those who dare propose the truth.

At the 1:12:00 mark, you'll see how the Darwinist position, with its emphasis on "survival of the fittest", is just another facet of the eugenics position.  Both were atheists.  In rejecting God, they also rejected the truth of eternal life after this sojourn on earth.  Understanding that mental paradigm, we can see how they would only be focused on this life.  Their emphasis would be to make life on this earth to be their paradise.

Can we not see this same mindset in so many of our progressive clergy?  Take note of their obsession with environmentalism.  We have seen recently how this pope has engaged various "population control" advocates to formulate the thinking behind Laudato Si and now the Amazon Synod.

Such deadly poison has long ago infiltrated Catholic clergy.  In this article we see that a Catholic priest (Franciscan) is chiding pro-life activists for prioritizing babies over "the environment".  He has in fact relegated the environment to the status of a de facto deity.  This is gaia worship.  His own claims to being pro-life ring hollow.

This error stated by Fr. Horan is quite compatible with the horror stated by democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  He stated that abortion and birth control would be part of his plan to address "climate change".  Given his previous heretical blooper, how could Fr Horan argue with that?  More importantly, would he be inclined to argue with Sanders.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the pope's continuing destruction of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family.  We now see that Archbishop Paglia (yes, him) pretends that the term "life" needs to be redefined.  What's next?  Will this crowd try to redefine the word "God"?  For 2000 years now, the Church has proclaimed God's teachings of life, family and morality.  Any attempt to modify the meanings of those truths, by definition, will be to introduce deception and confusion to crystal-clear truth.

Speaking of "modifying teachings", that is exactly what will be attempted next month at the Amazon Sin-Nod.  Pray your Rosaries for protection.

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  1. Margaret Sanger was controlled by sheer EVIL. She wanted not only to eliminate the 'poor' but also babies of color, not to mention her deep involvement in the occult. I confess to not having enough time at the moment to watch the video....but...I will be back to watch. As far as our 'Churchmen', as this young Friar is at least wearing the habit and buying into the paganism being promulgated throughout the Church, he has taken up the ever so insidious 'seamless garment' evil that Cdl Bernadin was so famous for.


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