Saturday, March 6, 2021

To The Person Forced To Stand For Holy Communion Today

I refer to a specific incident that happened at a Mass in Montgomery County MD today, in the Archdiocesee of Washington.  I am an eye witness.  After Mass I was unable to locate the individual.

It is your right under canon law to receive on your tongue and on your knees.  Here is more on the matter.

If you wish to address this matter through Church channels, I'd be happy to stand as your witness.  If that is the case, please post a comment with the detais of today's incident, what you were wearing (so I can verify your account) and your contact information.  Your comment will not be published.  We can proceed from there.  I truly hope you will consider it seriously.  Failure to seek redress will only embolden errant priests to do the same, and worse, to others.

If other readers know of any resources to pursue such matters (such as canon lawyers), please list these in a comment box below.  Thank you.

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