Monday, June 14, 2021

The Men's March Against Abortion - Now What Follows?

It happened in Washington DC this past weekend.  Given that the event was put together with relatively short notice, I understand that the attendance was quite respectable.  LifeSiteNews covered it and I now link to their post.

But this was one day.  What about the rest of the year?  I haven't found any talks that hint of any follow-up, so I pray that these men will go back home with concrete plans to bring about a culture of life in their own localities.  As the saying goes, "think globally, act locally."   One rally, by itself, will NOT suffice to protect babies and restore Godliness to western civilization.  It will require regular, disciplined prayer and action throughout the year.  That is where the rubber will really hit the road.

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  1. I attended the March and it definitely not intended as a once a year pilgrimage to DC. In a nutshell it challenged men to be real men. With a strong prayer life, spiritual leaders of their homes and men of action. The next March will be November 15 at the Bishop's conference in Baltimore. It encourage men to register


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