Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Smog Serves A Good Purpose After All

Montgomery County Maryland is being impacted by the smog coming from the Canadian wildfires.  This morning when I stepped out my door, the haze was apparent and the smoke smell quite noticeable.  Sometimes, though, there is some silver lining to clouds.

Montgomery County canceled a fair number of outdoors activities, since the weather service declared a "code red" alert for our air quality.  One of them was this filth, no doubt offered as part of "pride" week.  It was to be a comedy show featuring pervert-actors.  It is "intended for mature audience ages".  The word "mature" in this context is an oxymoron.  It's also ostensibly a free event.  No it isn't!  We the Montgomery County taxpayers are footing the bill for this debauchery.  We can just imagine what obscenities will be spewing forth, with attendees chuckling as demonic ideas are corroding their brains and morals.

But by God's grace this evening's performance was scuttled.  For this one time, the sewage will not be flowing on taxpayers' dime.

By the way - If your bishop has said anything regarding this gay agenda, please post it in the comment box.

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