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Archdiocese of Baltimore Social Ministry Convocation - How To Justify Gay Perversions On The Sly

We resume with coverage of the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Social Ministry gab-fest.  After the panel discussion, the morning workshops commenced.  I attended the one conducted by Father Buening, entitled "Like Every Disciple: Putting It Into Action".  It focused on Archbishop Lori's document of the same name that dealt with LGBT people in the Church.  

Bruening stated that this document gave a blueprint for LGBT parish ministries.  Then he stated that his parish (St Matthew's) already had a history of such ministry.  Well, if one calls dragging the name of St Matthew's through the filth of gay pride parades and lending credibility to all sorts of perverse sexuality a "ministry",  we can see his point.  In reality, it is committing all sorts of blasphemies and sacrilege.  He thinks Lori was sharing his dreams in this document. I fear he may be correct and that dream in reality will result in nightmares as these "ministries" grease the skids to hell for so many souls embroiled in sexual vices.

He then stated that the Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We call that a half-truth.  In fact, the Church's overarching mission is to save souls, i.e. snatch them from hell and help them achieve heaven.  See how they deftly excise any mention of life after death?  After we die, we ultimately go to heaven or hell.  That truth, too, is removed from consideration.  We are called to love Jesus Christ, but we do so first by repenting of our sins and turning from them, for they offend Him greatly.

Bruening spoke of the "life-giving tension of charity and truth".  Why is there this attempt to pretend that there is "tension" between charity and truth?  One does not exist without the other.  In 1 John 4:8, we read that "God is love".  In John 14:6, Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life".  Ladies and gentlemen, God has no "tension" in Himself and it would be blasphemous to allude otherwise.

Then he spoke of "forming relationships" and a subsequent "earning the right to speak".  What gives Christians the "right to speak" has nothing to do with "relationship".  Rather, that "right to speak" is actually a command from Jesus to promulgate His truth.  Later he said of ministry in general is that the greatest thing is to lead someone to a deep, intimate love of Jesus Christ.  Again, that doesn't happen without repentance.  In this entire tome, the word "repentance" isn't mentioned once.

After some more remarks by Bruening, the panel discussion began.  First we heard from Samuel who is involved with the LEAD gay-enabling group.  Let's take a few minutes to examine just what LEAD advocates.  At the bottom of this page we see them advertising an "Interfaith Renaming Ceremony".  People pretending to be of the opposite sex often change their names to conform to their fantasies.  Clicking through the pictures in the gallery, one sees pictures of St Matthew's parishioners participating in Baltimore's gay pride parade.  If one clicks all the way through the gallery, they are taken to this video that gives a tear-jerker account of two lesbians getting civilly married.  The two sing the praises of Father Muth who, at the 3:59 mark, seems to be joining them at their "reception" dinner.  Aside from the abysmal mockery of marriage, this video makes plain that indeed LEAD and the other "gay ministries" seek to undermine the Church's teachings on marriage and sexuality.  Let us now resume with this workshop.  Father Muth was at this workshop, by the way.

Gordon Creamer at Workshop
We then heard from Diane Lesko, who heads Open Arms Ministry, based at the Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City.  Here is their website.  First go all the way to the bottom and notice that the copyright for this site is held by Church of the Resurrection itself.  This site advertises Fr James Martin's pro-sodomy propaganda as well as PFLAG.  It features a list of "welcoming parishes".  That's thinly-disguised code-talk for perversion-enabling parishes.  Ladies and gentlemen, all healthy parishes are welcoming of the repentant sinner.  In addition to the word "repentance" mentioned above, the word "confession" is likewise not mentioned.  Frankly, I didn't catch much of what she or Samuel had to day; they both held the microphones so close to their mouths that their voices were muddied.

Gordon Creamer in Drag

Lastly we heard from Gordon Creamer  He runs the "Embracing God's Gifts" thing at St Ignatius in Baltimore.  One little tidbit that he didn't mention in his introductory remarks that he is a gay-married dude.  We discovered that about five years ago.  Look at the two pictures to the right.  In the top one, Creamer certainly is dressed normally enough.  The lower one?  That's obviously a different story.  He's the one in the frilly yellow hat and spaghetti-strapped - dress?  His hand is on the shoulder of his partner is sodomy "husband" Brian Fitzek.  That picture was found on Fitzek's facebook page several years ago.

Creamer seemed to home in on this idea of "accompaniment", stating that his pastor at the time was influential in that focus.  I wonder if that was the same pastor that I called to inquire as to the appropriateness of a gay-married guy being allowed to wield positions of influence at the Church.  Anyway, he spoke of "accompanying the parish, to help them understand what it is to be an LGBTQ+ person".  I wonder when we'll hear what it is to be a mass-murdering person.  If the latter sounds ridiculous, so does the former.

After Creamer finished, Fr Bruening enthused, "every time I hear Gordon Creamer speak, my heart melts!"  Unless he is completely clueless as to Creamer's "marital status", I can only surmise that this adulation signifies approval of the same.

He answered a question regarding Courage and Encourage.  They are obedient to the Church and don't appear to be utilizing any subterfuge in promoting perverted ideas and practices.  I regret that nothing further was said of them, and they did not have a table open during the lunchtime session.

Soon after, the session ended and we headed to lunch.  In a subsequent post, I'll report on the afternoon session and the display tables that were set up in the lunch hall.

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