Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CCHD Monies Going to DC-Area Alinskyan Groups

I had searched the website of the Archdiocese of Washington (DC) to examine grants given to local groups, both from the national fund and the local fund. None were to be found. I contacted Mary McGinnity who runs the social justice efforts of the Archdiocese to ask where I could find these.

Ms McGinnity was very cordial and replied that many of her staff, including the CCHD Director, were laid off this past year due to cutbacks (I do remember that happening). She knew off the top of her head four local groups that received national funding last year. They are:

Washington Interfaith Network
Project Action
Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland
Empower DC

Let's look at two of these, one by one. As I describe each, please click on its hyperlink to note interesting and troubling points.

Let's look at the Washington Interfaith Network. Right away, you'll notice that it is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation. This foundation was established by Saul Alinsky in 1940 "to restore the democratic way of life for modern society." Alinsky was an atheist and a socialist: qualities about which he was very frank in his book, "Rules for Radicals". In that book, he outlines what he considers to be principles for "community organizing": ostensibly to better the lot of marginalized people, but also to foster socialism. I would urge its close study, since that has become a key guidebook to all such "organizers", including Barack Hussein Obama himself. It is interesting to note that Alinsky dedicates his book to Lucifer, "the first community organizer..who at least won his own kingdom."

The motto that flashes through the lead WIN page is "we organize for power to transform communities." Well, gee whiz, if that's true, why did I not see any sign of them at last Sunday's "The People's Rally", where hundreds of local DC residents gathered to insist that they be allowed to vote on the DC Council's same-sex-marriage recognition? (Note: see my post a few down this page to see what happened at that rally).

Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland is an affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation. An examination of their website reveals their position on the Obama health care behemoth before Congress. They itch for the public option and they utter not one peep in protest about the multiple threats to the unborn and elderly that is inherent in this bill. At the bottome of the Partnership website is a link to the Gamaliel Foundation website. Click on that and scroll all the way to the bottom. You'll see extolled thereon the Messiah Most Miserable himself; they gush over Obama's former affiliation with them. But wait! Who else appears on that page? Why, it's Valerie Jarrett, long-time Chicago-political-hardball crony of the Messiah Most Miserable. Now an organization such as Gamaliel that ostensibly prides itself on championing the poor and downtrodden feature a woman who has had uh, some troubles managing residential real estate?

While it's true that CCHD might have disowned ACORN (after many years of pleas on the parts of alert, faithful Catholics), recipient organizations such as the two just described do indicate that the CCHD remains unacceptable as a recipient of donation dollars on November 22.

We urge a complete boycott of the CCHD collection on November 21-22. Please visit the CCHD-related and ACORN-related posts on this blog for more information and tools for the boycott. Also, please visit the blogs listed at the right. I also urge close study of the information posted on the website of the Catholic Media Coalition. Comments and questions welcome, given the already-stated rules for such.

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