Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whoops! There Goes Another One! Rockford, IL

A year ago last summer I posted a video depicting some priests praying prayers of exorcism at a notorious abortion mill in Rockford, IL.  The website, based in that locality, has much more detail on the evil of that place.

Comes now the good news that the State of Illinois has suspended indefinitely the license of Northern Illinois Women's Center.  The lack of sanitation was that bad.  You can read LifeSite News for the litany of violations that inspectors found.  Click here if you cannot see the embedded video in that article.

It seems that so many of these killing dumps are found to be unsanitary.  Are you surprised?  These death mills are in the business of murdering people.  Given such callous mindsets, why on earth would they be mindful of the health of their patients, when they intend on murdering half of them anyway?

We will continue to work and pray for the day when they're all closed and condemned as the hell-holes that they are.

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