Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Liberalism Is Inherently Immoral

First let me state plainly that there are decent people and yes, sincere Catholics who do favor liberalism in terms of government intervention in matters of charity.  We saw many of these people befuddled last year about the Obama Hell Bill.  They honestly believe that the Hell bill would be wonderful if only abortion were expunged from it.  They do not understand that even if it forbade abortion, it would still be inherently immoral.  However, sincere those these Catholics are, they are simply wrong about this brand of liberalism and their sincerety will not mitigate the harmful effects of their errors.

A few years ago, I had occasion to write about the Maryland Catholic Conference's dalliance with such errors.  Read the piece here, and please make sure you read the offending article on the MCC web page to which my piece links.

I will be writing more on these matters in the future.  For now, I will leave you with this Vortex.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.


  1. As I said above, I will give this matter more thorough treatment later. Other matters take precedence just now. I will leave you with this. From previous comments, I deduce that you consider yourself to be both "pro-choice" and a liberal. "Pro-choice" would mean that you support the allowance of the murder of unborn babies. If you consider your views on various matters to be consistent with one another, maybe you answered your own question.

  2. "Pro-life" would mean that you support giving a blastocyst less than half a meter across the same legal standing as, say, Troy Davis.

    Now, if you'd like to talk taxes, I'd love to know where Voris got some of his "facts". They seem to originate from his hindquarters.

  3. To your first statement I answer yes. That blastocyst is a person. A person's size and/or stage of development is irrelevant to his/her humanity.

  4. The Catholic Church is very careful not to urge Catholics to vote by a particular party line. The commandment to "love the neighbor as thyself" transcends any political party or ideology. No political party offers the solution to all of America's problems. Only the good and pure heart of people - whether they are in the private or public spheres - is the first step towards solving this world's ailments. May God Bless You Sir! - Brother Peter, Jesus's disciple

  5. Dear "Brother Peter", you will notice, if you read carefully, that I did not use the words "republican" or "democrat". That being said, it is a fact that the so-called "right" to murder a baby is ensconced in the Democrat Party platform, while the opposite is in the GOP platform. I wrote neither platform, but they are what they are. As I told Thomas earlier, I'm in the process of developing this theme. Don't you find it fascinating, sir, that so many who are for governmental intervention in charities are quite libertine in their ethics regarding abortion and the gay lifestyle? By the way - in one of your other three comments, you seem to have no problem with the immoral "gay" lifestyle (although I could be incorrect there).


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