Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Poop Video - Explicit Humanism Rife Throughout

I like Vox Cantoris' term for these "pope videos".  It's more accurate so I think I'll follow his lead.  Watch this thing.  Considering that this thing comes from the pope, one might expect to hear some key words: words such as "Jesus", "Church", "salvation", "soul", "eternity", "God".  I must have missed them.  Now the pope is known as "vicar of ???"  Can anyone answer that question, based on the contents of that video?  It really should be "Vicar of Christ", but again, one does not hear the word "Christ" even once in the flick.

By the way - have you ever noticed how the actors in all these things engage in grinning, mugging scenes such as the one starting at the 0:47 mark?  But I digress.

At the 1:00 mark we see the main thrust in the words flashing up: "For everyone to contribute to the common good and to build a society that puts the human person at its center."  Can the humanism be any more explicit?   It is God who should be at the center of society, not man.  But in this thing produced by the Vatican, we don't hear the Name of God or Jesus mentioned once.  This is the idolatry known as humanism, plain as day for all to see (provided no one is wearing rose-colored glasses).

I will have more to say about humanism in the next post.

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