Monday, November 27, 2017

Another Reason To Ponder How We'll Resist The Progressive Encroachment

Lepanto Institute today released an expose of yet another progressive cabal known as Association of United States Catholic Priests.  Not being a quasi-official Church organization, they apparently feel little need to maintain any facade of orthodoxy - and they don't!

On the AUSCP home page, you'll see links to articles detailing their planning for "women deaconesses" and "priestless parishes".  Lepanto unpacks that mess nicely; it's part and parcel of disenfranchising Catholics of their access to valid Sacraments and distorting their understanding of the same.  On other pages, you'll see that these priests are concerned - very concerned, I tell you! - about such matters as immigration, gay rights, death penalty, climate change, gun control.  Need I tell you what's missing from that list - and their page?  How about the intrinsic evils of contraception, abortion, homosexual conduct, abuse of embryos, euthanasia?  Are you surprised that they aren't mentioned?  I didn't think so!

They do seem to have quite an assortment of clerics with unquestionable heterodoxy: Cardinal Cupich, Fr Richard Rohr, Sr Simone Campbell, and Bishop McElroy.  The latter is of great concern for me, for it is rumored that he will be the designated successor to Cardinal Wuerl once the latter retires.  It hits me at home - literally.

Going down Lepanto's page, you'll see a talk by Jack Jezreel, founder of Just Faith.  I've written about that horrid bunch before.  I didn't listen to the whole thing but Jezreel blathers on about "social justice", as one might expect.   Last week I put up a post explaining why I believe that the "SJW" phenomenon was inimical to authentic Christianity.  Jezreel's association with AUSCP is an illustration of that danger, for "sjw" Christianity often veers into rank heresy.

We need to be aware of these movements, so that if - or when - they come to our parishes, we may be prepared with plans to resist.


  1. We can resist it with the truth.

    November 28, 2017
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  2. "Not being a quasi-official Church organization" - you can say that about the Lepanto Institute!


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