Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pope Francis Betrayed The Church In Red China

I'm dumbfounded.  The pope just threw two Chinese bishops under the bus to favor two others who were illicitly ordained.  The two illicitly ordained were favored by the Communist regime - the same regime that forces women to abort their unborn children and who have persecuted Christians for decades.  The pope just validated the persecution of the faithful bishops as he kowtowed to the Chinese thugs.

This is betrayal of the worst order.  The shepherd has thrown his sheep to the wolves.


  1. How much longer will the Francis Horror Show go on?
    Where are the Bishops? Where are the Cardinals?

  2. I read that the Chinese Catholics are overwhelmed with grief, and yet are asking themselves, "But can we go against the Vatican?" Can and MUST--when it is the Vatican itself turning its back on Jesus Christ.

  3. "Can we go against the Vatican"......Um.....I think that would be an 'absolutely yes' when it is the Vatican that has accepted their 30 pieces of silver in exchange for the faithful in China. This is an astounding betrayal. How in the world are there Catholics anywhere in 2018 that don't fully see who this man is for. (hint: he's NOT for Christ in His Church)


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