Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When The White House Is More Catholic-Friendly Than The Vatican

Yesterday's Vortex comments about the Trump administration and how it has already accomplished much good in the US.  Of course the progressives are raging and snarling against him.  That also includes progressives in the Vatican.

We need to realize that there is still much to be done.  With Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, this nation - and perhaps western civilization - dodged a fatal bullet.  God granted us a reprieve, some breathing room to try to turn this culture around.  There are hopeful signs.  Ironically enough, the situation at the Vatican continues to deteriorate, as I and my blogging colleagues have amply demonstrated.  If one had told me five years ago that I'd trust the White House more than the Vatican, I would have looked at them as though they sprouted a third eye ball.  Yet lo and behold, here we are.  The Trump administration gives all indications of at least being respectful to traditional Christianity, whereas Vatican officials - including the sitting pope - display their hostility.  Vox Cantoris reports that the papal long knives are already pointing at the backs of the three bishops of Kazakhstan for daring to defend Christ's teachings on marriage.

The American Spectator recently ran a story on how Trump and the Pope differ on illegal immigration.  Koons illustrates from various papal and theological writings throughout the centuries how Trump's and conservatives' positions on illegal immigration are in conformity with Catholic social teaching whereas progressives in the Church hold positions that dissent from tradition.  Last year Father George Rutler took strong exception to progressives who likened illegal immigrants to the Holy Family as they fled into Egypt, going so far as to call such likening blasphemous.  I think he's correct.

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