Saturday, December 8, 2018

Buffalo Bishop Commits Sacrilege Against The Eucharist

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A possible Eucharistic miracle may have occurred at St Vincent de Paul Church in Springbrook, NY.  When notified of the miracle, Bishop Malone (yes, him), instead of ordering a proper investigation, ordered that the Host be destroyed.  His reasoning?  He is quoted as saying, the Host had already dissolved and "Christ was no longer present".

Pictures clearly show the Host intact.  Moreover, if the Host truly was already dissolved, there would be nothing left to destroy.  Right, Your Excellency???

Bishop Malone's dismissive attitude towards the Blessed Sacrament is deplorable.  He may now be guilty of sacrilege against our Eucharistic Lord.  One of the commenters on the CM site believes that Malone may have automatically brought about his own excommunication.

The bishop needs to feel some heat for his refusal to follow proper procedures for investigating the possible miracle and for his cavalier attitude towards the Eucharist, leading to probable sacrilege.  The diocesan website is here.  All readers, no matter where they are, can call and/or email this diocese.

Many faithful Catholics in that area are righteously outraged.  In addition to contacting that chancery, I'd suggest a complete boycott of all diocesan donations.  I'd suggest that if you see the bishop in person, that you challenge him regarding his brash decisions and derelictions of duty.  Let him know that bishops should act like bishops and not crass businessmen.


  1. When you don't believe in the Real Presence, anything goes.

  2. I wonder whether the Bishop was directed by the Holy See or the Pope himself to dispose of the Host without an examination for an authentic Eucharistic miracle.

  3. You cannot believe the Eucharist is Christ and do anything that attempts to subvert a possible miracle. No one would be so outrageous as to attempt to spit in God's face like that unless they were demonic or an atheist.

  4. Right jmbutk! And food for thought JMJT! Regardless there is no doubt he committed a sacrilege of mammoth proportions. Going to the website now. Wow! Like Pat Archibold said in a recent post: 'The rain hasn't stopped for months here in the trenches, and the shelling goes on day in and day out.' We must pray for strength & courage! I'm most assuredly not the only one suffering from battle fatigue! We all have to be at this point!

  5. Malone should be executed.

    1. Execution is over the top. Certainly he should be removed as bishop for his carelessness.

    2. I will not be holding my breath waiting for that to happen!

  6. the photo is there and God is always in the eucaristic bread after the blessing of the priest. And even if that holy bread falls Jesus is still there. The priest must take and eat. So many suffering in God’s heart! We are blind and we are cold and stupid to the Creator of everything. Have mercy Eternal Father, beloved Jesus and Holy Spirit, trinity of Love.


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