Monday, December 24, 2018

Have Some Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Taken Leave Of Their Senses?

LifeSiteNews reports that some pro-life pregnancy centers are applying for Title X funding.  The HHS is withholding them from outfits that commit abortions and now some cpc directors are finding it difficult to resist the federal funding siren call.  The LSN article reports that pro-aborts are upset about this seeking after federal funding.  For vastly different reasons than those of the pro-aborts, I too look askance upon this funding endeavor.

First, let's be honest about the term "federal funding".  From where do these "federal funds" come?  Hint - take a look in the mirror.  That's right; federal funding really means that the money is taken from the pockets of each and every taxpayer in this country.  That is not a charitable donation, for the term "charitable donation" means a free-will gift.  Once upon a time, many decades ago, the federal government understood its constitutional limits.  It understood that it was not in the business of determining which endeavors deserved access to our wallets.  That understanding faded many years ago, and now has apparently faded from the understanding of otherwise good people.  This "federal funding" amounts to income-redistribution, teetering very close to socialism.  I am baffled that those who otherwise call themselves "conservative" let themselves be seduced by the easy lure of "free" money.

Now is that money really "free"?  Of course not!  There is a saying, "he who has the gold, rules".  That certainly is true when it comes to governmental grants.  Always there are strings attached - at least eventually.  Maybe the Trump administration will be relatively benign, but what would happen if these pregnancy centers became dependent on federal grants to fund their budgets - and another Clinton or Obama were to win the White House in future years?  How many attempts have we seen over the past several years to get Christian charities to hire LGBT people, to "tone down" their pro-life convictions, etc?  To be blunt, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops stands as a stark example of a Catholic organization that has literally sold its soul for federal dollars.  No other organization, should it start lusting after federal dollars, will be immune from that temptation.  Why are they literally courting disaster?

These pregnancy centers, if they go after federal grants, will be digging their own graves.  They will literally place themselves in a position of having to muzzle and compromise their beliefs.  They will also find themselves in the unenviable position of benefiting from the immoral confiscation of the hard-earned money of US citizens.  They need to abandon these foolish and fatal endeavors.


  1. My motto is: don't do anything which will make you ashamed when you come to your own judgement! (Money isn't everything!)

  2. I completely agree, Janet. It's the camel's nose under the tent. Counselors will have to avoid any mention of Jesus or faith. It is very dangerous. Mother Teresa, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and other saints put their trust in the Lord to provide and He always came through. Taking federal money is a dangerous precedent. All you have to do is look at what it's done to higher education. Are Notre Dame and Georgetown Catholic today?


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