Tuesday, December 14, 2021

It Really Is A Sin-Nod In The Worst Way

Some took umbrage with me for calling those papal gabfest sessions "sin-nods" as opposed to synods.  Well, let's just say there are some occasions where I wished I was in error, for that is literally what happened a few days ago with this "synod of bishops".  

Earlier this month, the sin-nod removed a link to New Ways Ministries from its website.  How it got there in the first place will remain a mystery for now.  Anyway, the bishops restored the link earlier this week and APOLOGIZED to the sodomite-enabling cabal.  It's very reminiscent of a very similar "apology" that happened in the Archdiocese of Washington over nine years ago.  Anyway, these bishops have things precisely ass-backwards.  They should be demanding repentance from this bunch that pretends to be Catholic.  Instead they confirm the deviants in their mortal sin and perhaps their eternal damnation.

So, when will be seeing a link on that sin-nod page to "Catholics for Choice" or any other pro-abortion group?  Will NAMBLA make an appearance?  Why not?  Let's have a complete free-for-all debacle at this sin-nod.  Yes, it is a sin-nod.

This is not to say that we shouldn't make our own voices heard.  Indeed we must for the sake of Holy Mother Church.  Participate in your local sessions.  Demand that they stop strangling the Traditional Mass, that they stop honoring pro-aborts and pro-perversion people.  Demand that they restore reverence, true Catholic teaching.  Let them know that if they don't, your donations will cease.


  1. and yes... you can asure all of us that this "church" (the one that does as such things) its the very same one funded and supported by The Son of God

  2. The whole Vatican cabal is a "sin-nod" agency these days.

  3. Funny how they keep using fakespeak like: "especially to those engaging people who often are at the peripheries of our faith communities" or "those on the margins of Church life."

    1. If those people are "on the margins", it's because they put themselves there with their embrace of mortal sin. They need to repent and go to Confession.


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