Friday, December 24, 2021

Attack On The Latin Mass Becomes More Vindictive

In addition to the Traitorous Custodian document from hell, the pope has put out even more restrictions on the Mass of the Ages.  The Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Orders cannot be done in the older rites and the Traditional Mass, when permission is granted to celebrate it in a parish, must not be announced in that parish's bulletin.  There are many other such nonsensical restrictions.

The restrictions were just promulgated this past Saturday (of Advent week 3).  That happened by fake "dubias".   Eleven dubia were presented - and already answered in a document called "responsa ad dubai".  My!  Such speedy turnaround!  Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller still await answers to their five dubia from years ago, but never mind!  Let's cut to the chase, shall we?  These "dubia" were contrived by the Vatican, not collected from the faithful at large for answer!  How stupid do they think we are?  Maybe they don't, and these "dubias" are meant to be a mockery of the dubia submitted years ago by the aforementioned cardinals regarding Amoralis Lamentia.  But I digress.

Below the jump break I will post some videos with some excellent commentary.  One correct theme running through them is that this current pope and his pals are afraid that their plots to undermine the church are fizzling badly, so they are lashing out in fury driven by hatred and panic.

You will hear these good Catholic men urging us to resist the pope's commands to do away with the Latin Mass.  Note the verb "resist" as opposed to "rebel".  True rebellion can only occur against legitimate authority.  The pope is not acting with legitimate authority when he himself is disobeying Quo Primum and over a thousand years of Church tradition, pronouncements of his predecessors, etc.  Both Scripture and Tradition are replete with exhortations to resist Satan and evil.

Resist evil we must.  We sin if we don't.  We simply continue to attend the Latin Mass and support those priests and bishops who make it possible.  We also resist by bringing these matters, and the underlying issues to light by discussing them and exposing them for what they are.  We may have to face some blowback for doing that, and that will be the topic of another post.

And now the videos (after the jump break) that I urge you to watch in their entireties.  Everything said in there is very relevant for you, your families and friends and the eternal salvation of all.

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  1. Volume 1 of 2 is an enlightening book regarding The Mass of the Roman Rite: ITS ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT (Missarum Sollemnia). This is the replica of the 1951 translation explaining the traditional Eucharistic celebration through the ages by Joseph Jungmann


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