Monday, January 10, 2022

Pope Francis Coddling Gay Perverts?

My colleague at Les Femmes put up a piece detailing how Pope Francis recently "praised" Sister Jeanine Gramick, a co-founder of New Ways Ministry.  She has spent the last 50 years helping perverts hurry their ways to hell with false comfort, etc.  However, the pope her work is in "the style of God", which is all-out blasphemy.  The pope only joins her in their hell-bound trajectory.  New Ways is headquartered in Prince George's County MD.  For decades, the Archdiocese of Washington officially denounced them for their dissidence - even though the prelates have shown some ambivalence themselves towards the Church's teachings.  We will see if the chancery quietly regularizes New Ways' status.

The pope committed this blasphemy in a hand-written note to Gramick.  Another to receive a handwritten papal note was Father James Martin, an LGTBQ(add to the alphabet as desired) shill.  Of course Martin retains his position in the Vatican Communications Office.

There are voices in the Vatican that speak the truth, but they are becoming fewer and fewer.  One reason is that they are being ejected from their positions.   Archbishop Giacomo Morandi was the secretary for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith before the pope gave him the heave-ho.  The pope transferred Morandiito a small diocese, even though he is an archbishop.  This is clearly seen as a demotion.  One wonders if it is a punishment for being behind the March 2021 statement that forbade blessings of gay "couples".

No doubt the Faith is under attack.  That such attacks come from the Vatican is beyond the pale.

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  1. Pope Francis has been spewing blasphemy for years now. One I’ll never forget? Praising the most notorious, unrepentant abortionist’s in Italy… as “one of the greats!”
    McCarrick admitted on video that he was responsible for getting Jorge elected, a blatant admission of defying rules JP2 implemented for the Papal elections making it obvious it was a rigged election.
    God told us how to judge: “You will know them by their fruits.” Rigged papal election incapable of producing good fruit.


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