Tuesday, June 28, 2022

A Tale Of Two Flags

The Vatican chose the flag below to be the flag for "Holy Year 2025.

Now here's the so-called "LGBTQ Progress Pride Flag".

The color schemes are suspiciously similar, don't you think?  That is NOT a coincidence!

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  1. Spot on! When we had our ridiculous questions/meetings on this Synod of Synodality, this was my response to one of their questions: [I apologize for its length. I don't have time to shorten it...please feel free to remove any part if you want.]

    13. What enables or hinders speaking up courageously, candidly, and responsibly in the Church and in society? How are divergences of vision, or conflicts and difficulties addressed?

    Good question! I believe we are brought up to trust the Lord and His Church, which has been a challenge through the homosexual predatory Cleric scandal and the scandal of covering it up to this day. Victims seem to me to be the absolute most marginalized yet why does the Church ignore, silence, etc., them. Additionally, the Church should have been and should be in the forefront day in and day out on the infanticide that has occurred in our Country and around the world. How contemptible it is when we hear continuously about the marginalized yet not the minute-by-minute torture and murder of the unborn and sometimes newborn. Those "Land of Lakes" clerics should have been driven from the Church for rejecting Humanae Vitae. We want an honest leadership to be truthful and treat the adult Catholics as adults [not as children with ugly synodal logos].

    --I copied the ugly logo here but it isn't showing up--

    We are tired and worn out from the yearly gimmicks: pledge for Catholic Charities [who has numerous controversial clients], Heart of a Shepherd, for the Holy Land, for Peter's Pence, for...ad infiinitum! We strive to give as we ought; we are forced to pay taxes...a portion of those taxes have been going to the Church for illegal immigrants. I think it is time for the Church to become fiscally solvent and responsible.

    Finally, the only divergences of vision have been the harm done by the modernists for a century. Conflicts and difficulties are NOT addressed--our Pope has used bullying tactics and name calling to Mothers, to the youth, to Catholics who have found new life or renewed life in the TLM. His words toward his sheep burn like acid, not like fire testing gold. He, on the other hand, has spoken and acted kindly on sexual perversions. He appears to spend quite a bit of time and possibly dollars rubbing elbows with globalists, atheists, fake man-made climate cooling, warming, changing robber-barons.

    You ask, "How are conflicts and difficulties addressed?" We'll know when Pope Francis answers the Dubia of the four Cardinals, two who couldn't live long enough to receive answers because of the Pope's refusal to address valid questions.


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