Sunday, September 18, 2022

Francis Rebuked For Overt Heresy

Two events happened within the past few days.  While they were disjointed from each other, both served to make evident the heresy that the current occupant of Peter's chair is promulgating.  Bergoglio erroneously stated that Pelosi and others, in their present state of mind, could be admitted to Communion.  Several clcrgy and some prominent lay people spelled it out, utilizing Canon law, that Bergoglio uttered heresy.  The letter can be read here. From theologians, Saints and Doctors of the Church throughout the centuries, we have reasonable basis to believe that even if Bergoglio's election to the papacy was valid (and that is somewhat doubtful) that he has, by this heresy, forfeited the papacy.  We of course must pray for his immortal soul as well as those whom he led astray.

The other event revolves around Francis' participation in this "Congress of World and Traditional Religious Leaders" gabfest a few days ago.  The official purpose was the seeking of world peace.  In reality, it's all about the establishment of a one-world religion as part of the great reset.  Of course this "religion" would be solely focused on the world as we see it, with nary a thought about eternity beyond the grave.  They believe not in an afterlife, nor do they believe in any supreme being, let alone the One True God.  The Masonic pawprints are all over this as well.

So where does that leave us?

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