Saturday, October 29, 2022

Francis Plops Another Synod Stinker Upon The Church

As many of you know, the pope and cabal initiated a "Synod on Synodality".  That is no joke.  They are literally talking about talking.  Not only that, but they've decided to extend the gabfest for who knows how long.  We know from past synods what the real deal is.  The New World Order wonks - and that includes Francis - have an agenda that will be realized through this.  They are merely putting on this charade to give the appearance that they really care about input from real Catholics.  But I suppose enough people are naive enough to believe that they aren't being played for fools, although there has been plenty of precedent for them to realize the truth.

In any event, the Vatican released a few days ago a "Working Document for the Continental Stage".  What is a "continental stage"?  Who knows?  I doubt they know or care.  As you can see, I've linked to the 45-page tome.

Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute worked off some time in purgatory by reading through that mess, and analyzing it for us.  You might want to have the link above opened so that you can verify for your own sakes the quotes that Hichborn unpacks in his video.  Make no mistake.  They, from Francis on down, are trying to mutate the Church into a horrid caricature of Her true nature.  The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ so she can never be destroyed, but they sure are trying.  In their efforts, these progressives will endanger their own souls, plus the souls of countless others who have the "itching ears" of which Paul warned to Timothy.

So now we have this long-winded screed written by Vatican gas-bags telling us that mortal sins such as adultery, sodomy, fornication, contraception, idolatry, etc aren't really all that bad.  Of course that is false and we see that this mish-mash is sinful in and of itself, as it is chock-full of cooperation with mortal sin.  I cannot think of a single document that has come from the Francis mockery of a papacy that hasn't explicitly promoted mortal sin and/or heresy.  If I am incorrect, please post examples in the com-boxes.

Let's not be hesitant to explain to others just why this "synod" and the countless others sure to follow are spiritual poison.  Let's keep praying our rosaries.


  1. Here's another futile search to undertake: List all the bishops (other than Viganò) who have uttered a word of warning against the Covid hoax, the Remdesivir/ventilator mass murder, or the bioweapon injections.

  2. Something else nobody can find: A bishop (other than Viganò) who warned his people against the hoax virus, the Remdesivir/ventilator murders, or the bioweapon injections.


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