Monday, January 30, 2023

Mark Houck Acquitted - NOT The End Of The Story

Today, January 30 2023, news broke of the acquittal of Mark Houck of the bogus charges brought against him by the corrupt Biden administration, specifically through the Department of (in)Justice.  Recall that four months ago, he was hauled away by a swat team out of his home in front of his terrified children.

They tried to nail him on alleged violations of the FACE act.  Houck was well-represented by attorneys from the Thomas More Society.  They pointed out that Houck's alleged "assault" didn't even fit the definition of a FACE violation and that the deathscort who alleged injury (Bruce Love) was not in the good graces of the Planned Parenthood.  It seems that he violated Planned Parenthood's prohibition regarding engaging with pro-life people.  Imagine that! 

Now Houck is acquitted and pro-life people are rightly pleased.  However, several of them seem to believe that this victory is complete and that we can put this behind us.  I, as a front-line activist myself, beg to differ.  For too long we have contented ourselves with merely fending off legal attacks and winning defensive battles.  As is said in sports circles, though, the best defense is a good offense.

The DOJ brought forth a frivolous suit, most likely for the purpose of wearing people down.  I'm not sure they even anticipated a legal victory but just wanted pro-life people to expend time and money.  Well, maybe it's high time that we make them expend some of their resources.  I would think that the Houck family has more than sufficient grounds to file countersuits on account of the harassments that they suffered.

Not only am I publicly urging Mark Houck to file countersuit, but I am urging all pro-life people who have suffered hindrance and harm to go on the legal offensive.  Exercise your legal rights to defend yourselves, your fellow pro-lifers and your ability to do your pro-life work.

Of course that will take some money.  I therefore also urge donations to the Thomas More Society and other similar organizations to help them assist beleaguered pro-life activists.

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