Saturday, March 18, 2023

Do NOT Donate To The Catholic Relief Services Collection!

Many dioceses are having their in-pew collection for the CRS this weekend, March 19.   Others will have their collections next weekend.  PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS COLLECTION!

Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute produced a comprehensive report of the many ways in which they operate at variance with Catholic morality - promotion of contraception (even going so far as to have their workers distribute it), homosexuality, etc.  In addition, this blog has featured many articles about the details of their disregard for Catholic teaching.  One of the articles reveals that a high-ranking CRS official was in a "gay marriage" and quite open about it.

Clearly these people are not to be trusted with one penny of your money.  Tomorrow, when that collection basket comes about, drop a note in it (maybe even put that note in your CRS envelope) detailing exactly why you won't be contributing.  Then give that donation to a truly worthwhile charity.  Again, we can thank Michael Hichborn for researching many charities and determining which ones would use your donation dollars properly.

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