Thursday, March 9, 2023

Mark Crutcher - Requiescat In Pace

"We are not here just to put up a good fight.  We are here to win, because winning is how this killing stops."   I first heard Mark Crutcher make this (or a very similar) statement about 15 years ago when he gave a talk at Blessed Sacrament Church just on the MD-DC line.  That was the talk of true leadership and conviction that the babies deserve our best, not the namby-pamby pabulum that came from too many pro-life personalities.  From that talk, I also recall him commenting about groups such as "Priests for Life" and "Baptists for Life".  He asked if anyone considered how ridiculous it was that these groups had to exist, saying "Shouldn't it be understood that ALL priests and Baptists are for life?"

Early today Mark passed onto his final reward owing to a heart attack.  Among many other accomplishments, he was a mentor to many other pro-life leaders including Lila Rose, James O'Keefe, David Dalaeden, Missy Smith and others, particularly as they focused on the marketing of baby body parts.

The organization he founded is Life Dynamics, with its site here.  Many, many resources are located here and I hope it is maintained.  Let us pray for his repose and the consolation of his family, and also let us carry on with our efforts to turn this culture back to God.

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