Tuesday, August 22, 2023

A Catholic Bishop Gives A Smack-Down To Sexual Perversion Agenda In His Schools

I speak of Bishop Robert McManus of the Diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts.   He directed that in the diocesan schools, students will conform to their biological genders.  That means no tweaking of pronouns, using the names given to them at birth, using the bathrooms assigned to their biological sexes, wearing the correct uniform of their gender and playing sports according to their sex at birth.

He's getting blowback of course.  After all this is Massachusetts.  Some state legislators are waxing indignant with his actions.  Where, oh where, is all this separation of church and state?  It seems like the libs drop that pretense when it suits them.

Please contact Bishop McManus here.  Thank him for his stance and assure him of your prayers.  You can bet that the alphabet crowd are yapping and yammering at him.

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  1. At Last a Bishop with a pair of t........
    Support from way down here...


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