Friday, December 1, 2023

Francis On A Mission To De-Masculinize The Church

This past week, Bishop Strickland released an open letter to faithful Catholics regarding his removal from Tyler by Francis.  We thank Complicit Clergy for publishing it and now link to it.  Please read.  Strickland cites several causes for his removal, such as his refusal to strangle the Traditional Latin Mass and his opposition to the monkeyshines that emanated from the Synod on Synodality, or more accurately, Sin-Nod for Sodomy.

This past Sunday, several people from Slovakia attempted to go into St Peter's Square with a banner supporting Bishop Strickland.  LifeSiteNews has video of them being maltreated by Vatican police.  Why, one might think these cops took some pointers from their counterparts in the Capitol Police department after their thug-like behavior on Jan 6, 2021.  Watch this

A local DC priest, Msgr Charles Pope, put up a tweet to defend those prelates who got axed by Francis.

Another bishop who just might find himself the target of a "apostolic visitation" and subsequent removal is Bishop Rob Mutsaerts from the Netherlands.  From the LifeSiteNews article, it sounds like he and Strickland are of the same mindset in many ways.  Mutsaerts questioned the lack of canonical protocols that are put in place to govern the removal against bishops.

From the current issue of the Catholic Review, which is actually just a rehash of a Catholic News Service piece, we read of some of Francis' remarks to the International Theological Commission.  He said, and I quote, "one of the great sins we have had is masculinizing the Church".  Does that mean Our Lord committed a great sin when He chose men as His apostles?  Anyway, Francis told the commission that they need to take up the issue of "de-masculinizing the church".  He closed that screed by saying he "talked too much".  To that last sentence I add a hearty "AMEN!"

I believe Francis is doing a bang-up job all by himself of purging the Church of authentic, healthy masculinity.  A key part of that mission seems to be the canceling of prelates who are godly and manly enough to stand up to his nefarious plans and to be actual bishops.


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