Friday, December 8, 2023

Cdl Gregory: "Tradition Dies A Slow Death, Sometimes A Bloody Death"

Yes, he actually said that during a question-and-answer session in which he participated at Catholic University of America yesterday.  The meeting was called "Celebrating Diversity".  You will probably see the irony of that in a few minutes.   It's a long meeting, but the area of our focus starts at the 1:05:00 mark, when he responds to a student's question.  I'll post the video now, with some more commentary to follow.

Watch his expressions how he talks.  At the 1:12:25, when he mentions how he saw the Tridentine Mass grow in the Washington archdiocese, his face gives the impression that he thinks the TLM is some plague or pestilence.

The exchange on that question was about to end, but at the 1:13:25 mark, he says "I want to add something", then plops a blooper.  He said that, "in many of the places where it grew, the Tridentine rite, it grew because priests promoted it."  That is flat out incorrect.  The laity are the ones who clamored for it.  Granted, there were no "listening sessions" at that time, but it was largely a lay effort.  Even if priests promoted it, I for one fail to see the problem with that.  Anyway, he almost accuses priests of "creating the need".  No, Your Eminence!  Priests do not "create needs".  They may recognize needs, but they don't create them.  Now the priest might present the Tridentine Mass and then the people understand just what they've been missing for so many years, and they want it.  We see that sort of realization happening in John 2:10, when Jesus turned water into wine.  That newly transformed wine was far superior to the one that ran out.

Immediately afterwards, we see the reason for his canard when he revealed, "I think the Holy Father is right to say 'deal with the priests'."   And that was the end of that screed.  Well, we see how good and holy priests are being dealt with, and some prelates too.  The names Strickland, Burke, Muller, Vigano and others come immediately to mind.

Now regarding that quip that is the title of this post, Nick Donnelly has a great observation on how real bishops should regard tradition, particularly sacred Tradition.  

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