Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Father Fidel Rodriguez Defended The Blessed Sacrament In Florida

At the 10 am Mass on Sunday May 19, in St Thomas Aquinas Church in St. Cloud, FL, a woman presented herself for Holy Communion.  Because she didn't open her mouth or reply "amen", Father Fidel Rodriguez had reason to question her eligibility for receiving Holy Communion.  When he asked, she refused to tell him when she last went to Holy Communion or Confession.  He gave her a blessing.  The woman's name is Jetty Nique.

She tried it again at the 12pm Mass.  When Fr. Rodriguez asked about her last confession again, she replied it's "not his business".  Then she extended her hand towards the ciborium bowl, grabbed several Hosts, crushed them and threw/dropped them on the floor.  There was a struggle.  Father had to hold the bowl and defend himself.  It was then that he bit her, to defend both the Blessed Sacrament and himself from Nique's aggression.  LifesiteNews has an account of the incident.  Other video can be found at WRAL News.  

A commenter on the LifeSiteNews piece raises some interesting points.  The existence of these two videos speaks of an accomplice of Nique's who was at the ready to record her actions and the fallout.  It was a set up, no doubt.

Later Nique told the police "he wouldn't give me the cookie".  The cookie!  Either she is ignorant of just what the Consecrated Host really is, or she is being flippant to the point of blasphemy regarding the Real Presence.

As of this writing, charges have not yet been filed against Father Rodriguez.  None should be.  She grabbed at him and what he was holding.  He acted in defense of self and the Blessed Sacrament.  Parishioners who witnessed the altercation substantiate Father's account of the matter.

At Florida law, if a person "willfully and maliciously" disturbs a religious assembly (such as a Mass), it is a first-degree misdemeanor that can become a third-degree hate crime.

To their credit, the Diocese of Orlando is standing by Father Rodriguez.  Let us stand by him, too, and invoke the intercession of St Tarcisius. 

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