Monday, July 1, 2024

The Stakes Are Becoming Clearer To All Now

A few days ago, Archbishop Vigano laid bare the case against Francis in no uncertain terms.  Recently, we've also heard from Cardinals Burke and Sarah, along with Bishop Schneider regarding the affronts posed by Francis to the Faith.  The bulk of their recent comments are directed at Fiducia Supplicans, the document penned by Cardinal Kissy-Face Fernandez and signed by Francis.  That document gives the go-ahead for "gay unions".  Given the fact that that to counsel for sin and to approve it are ways of cooperating with sin, the production and the promulgation of Fiducia Supplicans has been inherently sinful on its face.

On June 14, Cardinal Sarah came to Catholic University of America in Washington DC to address some students there.  In his remarks, he held out, as an example to follow, his fellow African bishops who refuse to implement Fiducia Supplicans. owing to its "grave error".  At about the same time, in an interview, Cardinal Burke stated, "we affront the Lord, we show profound lack of respect for Our Lord in love for Him if in some way we try to ask blessing for something that’s sinful."

Bishop Schneider's stance is none too nuanced.  He called Fiducia Supplicans "a mockery of the natural and revealed law of God."  And so it is.  Then he said something very wise, laying bare a part of the insidious strategy of the goons in the Vatican.  He said, "but perhaps creating a state of permanent debate, generalized uncertainty, and doctrinal and practical anarchy, was precisely its aim."  Francis seems to excel at this, to undermine the certainty that has always been a hallmark of God's truth as revealed through Holy Mother Church.

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