Sunday, August 14, 2011

The DC Chancery's Despicable Game Of "Bait And Switch"

As I mentioned in the Friday post, the Archdiocese of Washington devoted its second collection this weekend to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  For the whole sordid story of the CCHD, including its chequered origins, just put that organization's name in the box with the magnifying glass.

Despite promises to reform the CCHD and its granting procedures, the steps taken have been at best token.  No real change has taken place (a report is soon forthcoming) - and the bishops know it!  That's why all over the country, dioceses are trying their darnedest to hold the collections without drawing "unwanted attention".  They're changing the dates (some had their collections last month) and/or they're obfuscating the names of the collections.

Washington DC's progressive-infested chancery attempted both tactics this weekend.  Even at today's Mass, the thing was billed as the "Catholic Communications and Human Development Campaign" - that weird amalgamation of two organizations.  However, that purple "second collection" envelope clearly said "Catholic Campaign for Human Development".  Ladies and gentlemen, that's a classic technique of deception known as "bait and switch": call it one thing early on and at the last minute change the name.  I call that a bald-faced lie, and the "responsible" individuals at the DC Chancery really should march themselves right to a confessional for pulling that stunt.

I was alerted to this rather early, and tried to spread the word; I hope I had the assistance of many of you readers.  I trust also that many others were alert enough to notice this underhanded trick of the chancery.  Therefore I hope that they deem this second collection to be a miserable flop financially.  It certainly was a flop in terms of Christian ethics.

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