Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Messiah Most Miserable Is Frustrated!

The Messiah Most Miserable has made an utter mess of our economy (and yes, Boehner and the RINO cabal gave him a pass on this!).  Now guess what?  He's frustrated!  Not only that, he's very frustrated!  I mean he's wealy, wealy, weally fwustwated!!   Awww! 

How does he think we feel?  I will say this, though.  We as a society have flouted God's laws.  We have allowed contraception and its attendant evil of abortion to destroy tiny people and undermine the purpose of marriage.   We are allowing perversion to assume the same moral legitmacy reserved for marriage between one man and one woman.  It should be no surprise that we should feel the economic
consequences of such rampant sin.

This link will take you to the video.

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  1. Tell me again. Why is it I do not believe anything he says?


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