Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quake-Blame Poll!!

Boys and girls, it's time for the Quake Blame PollYou progressive-types will surely enjoy this!  Here is the burning question of the day that must be answered!

Who/what is to blame for today's east-coast earthquake?  Choose one of the following:
  1. Global warming
  2. Global cooling
  3. Global whatever
  4. Climate change
  5. Tea Party
  6. George W. Bush
  7. Corporate greed
  8. Conservative talk radio
  9. FOX News
  10. Michele Bachmann
  11. Sarah Palin
  12. Pro-life activists
  13. Rush Limbaugh
  14. Sean Hannity
  15. Mark Levin
  16. "Taliban Catholic" blogs such as this one
You may cast votes via the comments.  The poll is OPEN!


  1. 17. All of the above!

  2. Global Whatever - no other serious choice! :) Good poll! Love the choices.

  3. I am sure it must be #6.George W Bush. He's the one that caused all the problesm in the world, well unless it is global warming. That would be my second choice. It didn 't kill off enough people thouh to get rid of carbon footprints.

  4. George Bush - but to understand the spirit of the beast not sure whether the guilty party is the Father or the Son...


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