Monday, February 6, 2012

Chris Matthews At DC Church Next Weekend? Action Needed Now

Hardball host and dissident Catholic Chris Matthews is scheduled to do a booksigning at Blessed Sacrament Church in Washington DC (just one block off Chevy Chase Circle).   Here is the announcement.

He is utterly unworthy of a Catholic venue.  Videos abound to attest to that statement and I'll provide a few of them below.
Please contact the pastor, Father Ronald Potts at this number: 202-966-6575 or at his email address  I want to point out that Father Potts has been at that parish only a few months; he may be truly unaware of this event.  Please bear that in mind when you call and simply state the facts of why Matthews (who is a Blessed Sacrament parishioner) should not be allowed to use a Catholic Church as his bully-pulpit.

Those of you who are Facebook users might want to click the "find us on Facebook" button on the Blessed Sacrament webpage and write on their wall that they should cancel the Matthews appearance.

Thank you.


  1. All hail the power of Joe Kennedy’s money:
    “The keynote speaker at the opening and closing sessions was fellow parishioner Tim Shriver, the Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics International.”
    Here’s a snipped from the Jan 29 bulletin: Did You Know?? When speaking of a person with a disability “put the ‘person’ first.” In other words, rather than saying “disabled person,” use the term “person” followed by the name of the specific disability. If referring to a person with cerebral palsy, for example, say “the person who has cerebral palsy.” However, if you are not sure what words to use, it is always a safe bet to ask. For more information about how Blessed Sacrament is becoming a more inclusive community, contact Emma Voelzke at 202.449.3990 or
    Here’s Tim in 2007: “Year after year the debate rages about abortion and choice. But the time has come for a different debate--a debate about what exactly we are choosing….At this moment, the stakes are high. For make no mistake: we are in the midst of a silent resurgence of eugenics…I wonder who among our presidential candidates would join people with Down syndrome in advocating a belief in the universal dignity of human life, not in spite of vulnerability but because of it?”;col1
    Here’s Tim on Palin (presidential candidate & mother of a Down syndrome child): “Such a candidate is bound to invigorate the pro-life movement. But if they respond in their usual Supreme Court-focused, judgmental fashion, it won't bring us any closer to reducing abortion in the United States. It hasn't yet, and there's no reason to think it will now. In the abortion debate, the law has proved a wholly ineffective strategy for promoting life.”
    In 2009 Tim opines again on Palin and the legality issue: “Today, when parents learn that they are carrying a child with Down Syndrome, the vast majority choose to terminate (some estimates are as high as 90%). This doesn't have to be about the legality of abortion but rather about informing prospective parents that people with Down Syndrome can lead happy and productive lives. That's a message that both the conservative Sam Brownback and the liberal Ted Kennedy have endorsed. I bet they'd both welcome Palin as a messenger.”
    Question for Tim: How many Down Syndrome babies were murdered in the womb when abortion was illegal? If killing Kennedys (and priests and bishops) were made legal and 90% were being killed, would Tim and the Catholic Church be advocating “reducing” the number of killings through information campaigns or would they be fighting tooth and nail to change the law? Would they be doing the talk show circuit to get the president and Rahm Emmanuel to apologize for calling someone “retarded” or would they be seeking their resignations for “hate speech” and prosecuting them for “hate crimes”? Well, of course, we care about God, the unborn and people with Down Syndrome—we just love money and popularity more…
    P.S. I don’t see anything on this church’s site regarding the much ballyhooed bishop’s letter on contraception – wonder if it was read or circulated.

  2. "Don’t miss this unusual talk."

    I wonder if it will make any reference to this just published JFK memoir:

  3. Anon of 2:21, Tim Shriver does make a valid point about the resurgence of eugenics. Planned Parenthood stemmed from the eugenics movement of the past century; Margaret Sanger was a big proponent of it. Indeed the drive to abort children with Down Syndrome (and other anomalies) is part and parcel of eugenics.

    He is unconscionably dismissive of the need to change laws. The babies can't wait until "hearts are changed" - and yes, we aim to reduce abortions. I haven't heard any sane person talk of "reducing the need for terrorist attacks"; baby-killing should be regarded with the same horror.

    Anon of 2:26, I don't see why anyone would make mention of that woman's claim of an affair with JFK, which had to be at least 50 years ago. Isn't it convenient how she's coming forth now, when all the key players are long dead? That is the stuff of tabloid trash.

  4. Chris Matthews, and others of his ilk, is what happens after severaL generations of faithless priests.

    Having moved back to the DC area after having been away for 25 years, I went to Mass at Blessed Sacrament, once. I was horrified. No one could stop talking. They were in shorts and top siders. There was an ARMY of Extraordinary Eucharistic ministers, et ceterea; however, the piece de resistance was an Indian priest admonishing everyone, from the altar of God, for not be more accepting of homosexuality. My parents were married and had their funerals at Blessed Sacrament. Very, very sad --what this Church has become. Needless to say I won't go back.

    Without exception, every Church in Washington is so noisy w/ screaming children that I cannot attend Mass in a DC parish. I was going to the National Shrine, but parents insist that it is their right to bring their boorsih children to Mass and keep you from praying. Don't ask them to be quiet.

    I now get up at 5:30 AM to get to a 7:00 Mass with some priests in their religious house so as to have some peace and quiet.

  5. Maria, the children themselves aren't the problem. It's the parents who pose the problem by not teaching their children proper behavior at Mass. Of course the ones who suffer the most consequences of said neglect are the children themselves, as they are deprived of the training that they need.
    Have you tried the 9am Mass at St Mary's, at 5th and I NW (just outside Chinatown)? That is a Mass in the Extraordinary Form. It is well-attended by many young tradition-oriented families. Of course that means lots of kids, but by and large they are very well-mannered. They are a joy to behold, as their deportment actually shames that of adults at other Masses.

    Regarding your other comment, there is clearly a case of mistaken identity - you are talking of two different individuals.

  6. Maria, to further clarify, there was an Indian priest, but that is not Father Potts. See

  7. RDCC: Not sure what your point is re: whether priest promulgating homosexual tolerance was Msgr. Potts or not. The problem is that homosexual tolerance is being promulgated from the pulpit of this parish. I also understand point concerning disrespect of children and their parents during mass. At my parish it is the kids who go to the parish school who are the most disrespectful noisy, walking about, don't genuflect, cross themselves etc. during mass - can only assume it is what they are taught in school. Also re: JFK. You sound like a bishop. Whether the abuse happened 50 years ago or not, woman has a right (and even a duty) to tell what happened to her (like to see you in 50 years when Clinton is touted as "elusive hero" - would you dismiss M Lewinsky and J Flowers as tabloid trash?). Trust her far more than Chris shiver up my pant leg whenever a liberal goes by Matthews reiteration of the Kennedy myth (lies). Well documented that JFK was a serial adulterer--also led this teen into sin and had flunkies ply her w/alcohol. Article doesn't state what JFK's solution to false alarm pregnancy was--I wonder why, but does indicate JFK would try to tempt her into being unfaithful to her husband (continue to call after she was married). A "restoration" of DC Catholicism that harks back to celebrating and covering up for wolves, whether they be cardinal or president, would simply be to ignore the path of sin that led us to this place of death.

  8. I know Fr. Potts (he married my husband and I) and I find it difficult to believe that he would knowingly schedule a Catholic speaker who is not in line with the magisterium. That being said, perhaps the rationale behind this is that since Matthews himself is not going to be discussing religion that there is no conflict? I could see where that would be an argument for this event.

    Maria, I take great offense to your comments about parents bringing their children to Mass. How else are our children supposed to grow in the faith if we do not expose them to it? Being scornful of those of us who have taken the message 'be fruitful and multiply' to heart does nobody any favors. Maybe try praying for patience?

  9. Whoops. Looks like you did not get my E-mail. Wanted to thank you for catching this. The name of the Indian priest at Blessed Sacrament advocating homosexuality in a homily is Fr. Percy D'Silva.

  10. Anonymous of 6:38, even if he doesn't discuss religion (doubtful, if you watched the clip of him with Bishop Tobin), the very fact that a rabid pro-abort is being offered a Catholic venue can and will lead others to the mistaken idea that one can forget about the babies whom Matthews' advocacies imperil. I certainly can see no circumstance that would advise for his prominence in a Catholic Church.

  11. Anonymous of 6:17, I was discussing a matter with another commenter in the only way I could, so there's no need for me to go into detail about the mistaken identity.

    As for your comments about the JFK/Alford thing, I'm writing a separate post on that and it will be up shortly.


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