Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Government-Controlled Education Must Be Abolished

The initials "NEA" more aptly stand for "Nationalist Educators' Arrogance" than they do the more conventional organization name.  Listen to one of their minions in their Michigan affiliate.  She doesn't bother to couch her disdain for parents in any nuanced language.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

One of my degrees from the University of Maryland featured a minor in secondary education.  Thus I know first-hand how educators are taught to view themselves.  I also know that John Dewey, signer of the original Humanaist Manifesto, is revered as the "father of modern education".  I agree that is a most appropriate title for him, although I don't think "reverence" is a proper response to his work in setting up a structure in which children can be molded into passive little puppets for progressivism.

I salute my home-schooling friends for taking their parental responsibilities seriously and for giving their children education worth its name.

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