Monday, February 13, 2012

Yesterday's Protest Of The Chris Matthews Appearance At A Catholic Church

Although he has makes no secret of his disdain for the Church's teachings on life and morals, Chris Matthews was invited to Blessed Sacrament yesterday to sign and sell his latest book.  Our numerous calls, emails, etc to the parish and to the chancery were not answered, let alone heeded.  We were left no alternative but to go there and raise our voices.  Some had advocated that we refrain from doing so.  While we respect these fellow Catholics, we feel that a "polite silence" would have been a grave injustice to the babies whose murders are approved by Matthews (and some of the other parishioners, who flat-out told us that).

Despite his nose-thumbing at Our Lord, Matthews was invited to use the Church to promote himself and to peddle his wares.  What this Church thought it would gain by selling its soul on this occasion I fail to grasp.  At first we stood in front of the church, on the sidewalk at Western Avenue.  We held our large signs and passed out a flyer describing our purpose for being there.  The Truth Truck drove by regularly (pictured right).

Others of our number went into the library where the event took place.  They offered pointed questions and even more pointed rebukes.  I walked into the courtyard as some of them were being ushered out.  Below are some scenes from that.  I understand that the proceedings inside the library itself were recorded.  I will link to those videos in a future post when they are ready.  (click here if you cannot see embedded video).

I truly hope that no other Catholic facility will see fit to besmirch its holy grounds by allowing another dissident Catholic to promote him/herself and by extension, his/her cancerous proclivities.  However, should another such sad occasion arise, we will be ready.


  1. Thank you so much for protesting this event and showing the truth about abortion. To think this parish is called "Blessed Sacrament". How the bishops expect to credibly fight Obama when they allow pro-contraception & pro-abortion "Catholics" to use Catholic churches to make money, I don't know. But they have made God's house a den of thieves.

  2. Blessed Sacrament parish has invited very pro-abortion politician Mark Shriver to peddle his book on Sunday, June 10, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm. Let's give him the same welcome that Chris Matthews received!


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