Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicago Planned Parenthood Botches 2nd Trimester Abortion, Woman Dies

On Friday July 20, at a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago, Tonya Reaves (aged 24) had an abortion. She was fatally injured during the procedure, passing away at Northwestern Memorial Hospital that evening. According to a press release issued by Planned Parenthood of Illinois, an autopsy ruled her death to be an accident!

Okie-dokie!  Alrighty then!  That clears that right up now, doesn't it?  I guess we can all just forget about it, go about our little routines and leave poor little Planned Parenthood to its murderous business!  Nothing to see here, folks - just keep moving!

Not buying that, eh?  Well, neither is her family.  This CBS report goes into some more detail about the autopsy than did the Planned Parenthood damage-control piece.  Probably they'd like to know just how this "accident" occurred.  Usually when one thinks of the word "accident", one can conclude that there was a mishap that arose out of carelessness.  Let's be honest; if there were some unknown medical condition of Ms Reaves of which Planned Parenthood could not have been aware, they would have been up front and out loud about it, HIPPA laws notwithstanding.

Accident!  What a lame cop-out!  What else would it be - murder?  Well there is the baby who was murdered, but that is its own tragedy.  I offer prayers for the Reaves family during their tragedy and pray also that they persevere until they get some real answers - and justice - for Tonya's (and baby's) death.

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