Thursday, July 12, 2012

"It's Not Fair!" - He Might Have A Point!

By now most folks have heard the WWLTV interview with Obama in which he said of Catholics and the contraceptive mandate that it wouldn't be fair for women to "bear the burden and cost" of obtaining contraceptives.  The interview is below.

Never mind that it wouldn't be fair to force any employer to finance the sex lives of any of their employees.  Obama did say something else that isn't being picked up by many folks, including conservatives.  He made the point of targeting Catholic hospitals that receive Federal money.  It is here where we must acknowledge that "the broken clock is right twice a day".

To those of my friends who laughed at me when I said that the Bush "faith-based initiative" schtick would come back to bite us, I have just four itsy-bitsy little words to say.


Any acceptance of "federal aid" on the part of Catholic institutions is nothing else than participation in "income redistribution".  In other words, the federal government commits legalized sins against the Seventh Commandment and the Church participates in that sin by partaking of the ill-gotten funds.  Of course the "social justice" crowd thrives on this unabashed moral injustice.

More to the point, when the Church attaches itself to a governmental teat and starts slurping away, it relegates itself to the status of just another greedy, squealing piglet.  How is it then, that we are in any way surprised when the goods come with the strings?  Such outrages seems rather hollow, if not downright hypocritical.

If the Church is serious about its quest to preserve religious freedom, it will immediately divest itself of all governmental largess and be free of governmental doles as well.

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