Monday, July 2, 2012

Montgomery County CPC Rule - Unconstitutional!

Not all court rulings last week were nonsensical!  Last week the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals threw the Montgomery County cpc "disclaimer" rule into the dung heap where it belongs.

The Montgomery County Council, following the script dictated to them by NARAL, tried to violate the free-speech rights of pro-life volunteers by passing legislation - literally out of the NARAL playbook.  The first hearings were conducted in December 2009.  I reported extensively on them at that time, using many video and audio clips of the same.  Since over half of the council members at that time were NARAL-endorsed, no  one really doubted that the measure would pass.

Centro Tepeyak Pregnancy Center in Silver Spring MD took the lead in taking the thing to court.  Their efforts paid off.  By the way, the same ordinance passed in Baltimore City also went down in flames.

As you read the Post blog piece, note some of the comments.  Even those who consider themselves "pro-choice" understand the draconian nature of what the local legislatures tried to do.  Hopefully they'll think things through some more and will come to realize that the pro-baby-murder tyrannical mindset can't help but manifest itself in other facets of life and human interactions.

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