Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Carhart Carnage Department - The Butcher Of Germantown Strikes For The Ninth Time

Yesterday, on April 4, late-term abortionist sent yet another woman to the hospital.  Operation Rescue has details with video from Maryland Coalition for Life.  That is less than one week after he caused woman #8 to be hospitalized.  This is the fifth woman in five months, now two in one week.

I remember how all the pro-abortion hacks chortled about making abortion "safe, legal and rare".  All they got right was the "legal" part.  They don't care about the other two for as long as baby-slaughter is aided and abetted by law, their bank accounts are padded quite well.

The Maryland Board of Physicians's phone number is (410) 764-4777.  Call them.  Melt their phone lines.  They must do their job and shut down the menace that is Germantown Reproductive Health Services.

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