Saturday, April 23, 2016

Faithful Prelates Being Targeted By Pope Francis

I call to memory the way Cardinal Burke was marginalized by Pope Francis merely for defending the Church's Teachings; see here and here.  My blogging colleagues at Eponymous Flower and One Peter Five have some observations regarding this and the maltreatment of other faithful prelates such as Cardinal Pell, Cardinal Muller, Cardina Oullet, Cardinal Liovera.  Read the EF piece for a description of how Cardinal Pell's work in trying to reform the Roman Curia is being deliberately undermined.  In other cases, the faithful prelates are being snubbed by the pope in favor of heterodox prelates such as Cardinan Schonborn and Cardinal Kasper.

I find this whole thing to be quite Machiavellian.  There are some who hold that the pope is just a naive little bumpkin who is being manipulated by the "evil bureaucrats in the Vatican".  What will it take to remove the rose-colored glasses from their faces?

In the meantime we must pray and keep shining the light of truth on these machinations.


  1. Planned Parenthood Protest Cincinnati: "didn't see any priests"

  2. I was thinking about this the other day, gradually coming to the conclusion that this Pope definitely has an agenda, is very smart it the way of diplomatic type maneuvers like stating obvious truths to put everyone at ease and them making all kinds of exception, and when cornered, blurts out stuff like “ . . . changes . . . yes. Period” and “breading like rabbits” but never saying anything against or even recognizing the queer mafia at the Vatican and throughout the Church, while appointing the most liberal bishops in key positions and marginalizing the Trads. Couple this with a pro-liberation philosophy and extensive involvement with the secular political topics of the day and you have a smart, radical agenda changing the Church.

  3. That gut wrenching feeling that I had the moment he stepped out onto the Balcony, I'm now realizing, wasn't for nothing.

  4. Let's pray that this disastrous papacy will end soon.


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