Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donors To Pro-Abort Pols Working In The Church

Michael Hichborn, director of Lepanto Institute, used the internet to ferret out the fact that 98% of Catholic Relief Services employee donations went to candidates who promote abortion and other anti-life goals.  He used the site www.opensecrets.org.

Taking inspiration from this suggestion, I decided to do a little digging myself.  Instead of "Catholic" inside the employer box I put therein "Archdiocese of Washington".  Lo and behold, we have a Catholic priest who has been regularly contributing to the Democratic National Committee.  Remember: this is the party that has "abortion rights" and "gay rights" ensconced in its platform.  This is the party that featured pervert Lena Dunham as a speaker at its most recent convention.  The contributer of interest is Father Eamon Dignan, priest in residence at St John's in Hollywood MD.  Phyllis Siegrist, a school teacher within the archdiocese, has also donated to the Party of Death.  I do not know if she is currently employed.  On the plus side, most of the archdiocesan donors have contributed to pro-life people.

Let's look at the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Kristin Witte ponied over $500 to the Maryland Democratic Party.  Looking her up on the archdiocese's site, we learn that she is (or was) the Coordinator of Pastoral Care and Justice within the Youth Ministry office.  Take a look at this Directory of the Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.  Go to page 8, the "justice and service" section.  As I read through the "education" programs, I can detect the stench of Just Faith.

Another is Henry Fortier, who contributed $250 to Obama's presidential campaign in 2008.  He helped craft the Code of Conduct for Church Personnel for the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Doesn't it seem that Mr. Fortier himself needs lessons on Catholic conduct?  One basic lesson is that you don't give cash to avowed abortion-supporters.  He was one of the consultants tapped for "knowledge" by the Blue Ribbon Committee on Catholic Schools to come up with a "strategic plan".  (By the way - one of the members of this "Blue Ribbon Committee" was Father Joseph Muth of St. Matthews's: yes, that one!)

Monica Courtney is/was a substitute teacher at St. Louis Catholic School.  She gave $500 to Hillary Clinton in 2008.  ElectionFund.org reports that as of Sept 2012, she had contributed a total of $20,000 to "Kathy Hochul for Congress".  That's quite a chunk of change for a substitute teacher; I presume she had another job as well.  Currently she's Lieutenant Governor of New York, picked by Andrew Cuomo himself.  According to this bio of her, she has a "history of taking on right-wing extremists".  Apparently Courtney wasn't the only one who supported her in Congress; Emily's List supported her too as she championed baby-murder, the Obamacare contraception mandate and gay #mowwidge.  All this doesn't speak well for Courtney's adherence to Catholic moral teachings regarding the sins of contraception, abortion and homosexual conduct.  Should she be teaching Catholic children?

The political candidates whom one supports is an unmistakable indicator of the convictions and mindsets of the donors.  I will most likely continue this line of research for future posts, but my readers now know the sites if they wish to conduct their own research (and I hope they do).  I'll close this now with one more revelation.  Carlos Ortiz Miranda is Associate General Counsel for the USCCB's Office of General Counsel.  He specializes in "immigration"; that is, he implements the USCCB's pandering to the progressives' wishes to foment unbridled illegal entry into this country.  Is that why he donated $500 to Hillary Clinton last November?


  1. This doesn't even get into the political leanings of the regular, permanant teachers employed by the Archdiocese of Washington. As a former teacher for the Archdiocese for five years, I can tell you that I was always in a slim minority when it came to supporting candidates who were pro-life among the teaching staff at the schools in which I worked. The Archdiocese has a "don't ask don't tell" policy when it comes to those that are teaching in our 'Catholic' schools. I'm not suggesting a draconian vetting process, but we can now see the fruit of hiring teachers who have no regard for Church teachings. A teacher in a classroom of 25 students has authority, influence and is rarely accountable to anyone when a conversation strays into matters of Church teaching in class (which is often!) because most Catholics parents and principals are poorly catechized. It is a problem that is now four generations deep.

  2. "Follow the money" in this case leads to those who have formally cooperated with evil, i.e., they did not with their own hands kill a baby in its mother's womb, but they did cooperate with this evil by their donations. For fuller treatment of this google hell vote yourself in; or go to sinvotedemocrat.com. Now that Hillary, the democrats, and their platform have promised to pursue all of us paying for abortions for all women with our tax dollars, the name "Party Of Death" is the only name that should be used for them. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  3. I do not know Father Dignan that well, but have seen him a few times. This is sad and pathetic, but given the state of the Church in general, I can't say I am surprised. Personally, I think the majority of priests and bishops in the US are closet Dems--or, at least, moderates. Some are even outwardly Dem, like Father Tuck Grinnell, the (literal) community organizer. Obama in a cassock!





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