Tuesday, August 23, 2016

George Soros: Puppet Master For Hillary And The Vatican?

When I wrote my post this past Sunday (two days ago) about the anti-life motives of the climate-change crowd, I asked the question "how much Soros money is in this Catholic climate movement thing".  Some news today gives the answer to that question: billions of dollars.

Elizabeth Yore, an attorney affiliated with the Heartland Institute, wrote an article that was occasioned by some proceeds of the wikileaks data dump.  In the information was also details of plans to leverage Pope Francis' influence to sway the presidential election to Hillary Clinton.  Through his Open Society Institute, Soros planned to grant $650 billion to PICO and Faith in Public Life to engage the bishops regarding "income inequality": that is, apologetics for socialism.  Yore's article appears in the Remnant and on LifeSiteNews we see more details.

Yore mentioned that in 2015 both Vatican officials (Cardinal Maradiaga key among them) and Soros personnel collaborated on an Apostolic Exhortation on Climate Change and backing for the Paris Climate Treaty.  I wrote a bit about that at the time, noting the progressives that were wined and dined at the Vatican; see this anthology of posts.  In that first post I wrote, "I would like to think that the Vatican is just being naive and easily led when it comes to climate change.  However, I now believe there are powerful forces within the Vatican - the same ones controlling the USCCB - that are pulling puppet strings and doing their utmost to promote progressive agendas upon the whole world."  Now we know, and it makes perfect sense.  In USANews, we find remarks that Soros made about himself, remarks that seem to be quite candid to say the least.  He apparently holds himself to be some sort of "god" who controls Hillary and most likely the Vatican.  Obviously he's got the "god" part wrong, but he does wield massive influence over the leftwing in this country and in the Vatican.

The realization of Soros' influence at the Vatican seems to put many things in a new light:
  • The bizarre resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
  • The personnel shake-ups at the Vatican: Burke out, the formation of this "gang of nine", with Soros ally Maradiaga at the helm
  • The none-too-disguised manipulation of the two family sin-nods
Of course they may all just be coincidences.  But there's so many of them - like so many dots out there just begging to be connected.

We must pray for our Church, and we must understand just what is happening to her in order to do so.


  1. Indeed, we have not connected 'all the dots' at this point, but.......I was aware that Soros did have his hand on many Catholic organizations, even years back. Michael Voris uncovered this several years ago in his 'investigative reporting' series. It makes sense that he now yields power right inside the Vatican. I have suspected this for some time now, as I have more or less 'watched' him for awhile and recognized his fingerprints all over the place. He has his hand on the government AND on Church hierarchy. Don't know if there is any proof of it yet, but I can almost tell you he is behind "Black Lives Matter" and many other groups that are causing civil unrest. It's all part of his 'Open Society' plan, to break down the country (and countries) and eliminate the Church as we know it. Christianity is 'enemy number one.' He has given MILLIONS to the Clinton campaign, of that there is proof, has been to the White House many times in the past 7 years, and no doubt working behind the scenes in the Vatican. He is truly one of the most evil men in the world, and although he is getting up there in age, I understand his son is stepping up to the plate to carry on his legacy, having met with Tim Kaine for dinner at least once. It's hard to fathom how one man can cause so much destruction, but he has the finances to pay off and control many facets of our society. He has taken down countries in the past for his 'initiatives' and his financial gain, and I don't think any of what we're seeing in Washington or in the Vatican is just a 'coincidence'. Both have 'George Soros' written all over it.

  2. Soros provided the seed $ for the "nuns" on the bus.

  3. Indeed, his fingerprints are all over multiple groups to take down the faith, and build upon his 'Open Society' dream, both in the Church and in the Government (and Governments world wide for that matter) He also has given his 'hand outs' to 'Catholic Campaign for Human Development', and other Catholic groups, but now, we see from Elizabeth Yore's article in 'The Remnant' that he is pretty much giving direction directly to the Vatican. Oh and he not only has one son, he has (I believe I read) 4 sons, and 2 are under the age of 33. We are beginning to see that this is much more terrifying than we even imagined.

    I can no longer presume that the Pope is 'naive' about the 'initiatives' of George Soros, as we see from Elizabeth Yore's article, they go way back to when Bergoglio was a Bishop in Argentina. Their 'relationship' is certainly not 'new'. Seems they've been sort of 'paling around' for quite some time now. Not at all saying this is an absolute or even the slightest of truths, but isn't this something a 'false prophet' would maybe be doing? Making way for someone no one wants to see enter the world stage?


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