Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why It Is Most Likely Immoral To Deny Your Vote To Trump (duplicate)

Somehow this post shows up twice.  I would have deleted this one but then I would have lost TLM's comments.  Please note that TLM's comments pertain to the post above this.  Apologies for the confusion.


  1. Thank you! This lays out the Catholic moral choice that all must make to be in line with Church teaching, and to avoid sin. I will of course vote for Trump, as will my H, praying that if he indeed wins the Presidency, he will be able to guide the country in (at least) a better direction. No, he's not the 'perfect' candidate, and sometimes even comes off offensive to some, but a vote for Hillary, or to just stay home, or vote for another third party, will ultimately help her to attain the Presidency. A Hillary Presidency would be catastrophic to EVERY CATHOLIC VALUE bar none. I would even go so far as to say, she would make Obama look like a boy scout. RAMPANT abortion on demand, REQUIRING the American people to pay for, the COMPLETE loss of any religious liberties we STILL cling to, and a more entrenched socialism making our country equal to that of Europe. A Hillary Presidency would spell the end of America as we know it, no doubt about it! In short, Hillary would FINISH what Barack Obama started. This is ABSOLUTELY their plan. We as Catholics MUST do everything we can to keep that from happening. A vote for Trump, like him or not, is a MUST for EVERY TRUE CATHOLIC.


  2. Just to add.......I also believe that we have the obligation MORALLY to vote for every Republican politician on the ballot. The Democratic party has morphed into a socialist/communist party. The Democratic party today, is not the Democratic party of yesteryear, not even CLOSE to anything they represented in the past. They still proclaim to be the party of the 'people', and help for the 'little guy' and in practice are anything BUT. They are morally bankrupt in EVERY respect. How can anyone forget, for instance, that during their convention in '08, they voted overwhelmingly to take God out of their platform all together! Not to say that the Republicans are not without their demons, but they are the lesser by far of two evils. I believe strongly that we have a MORAL OBLIGATION to vote straight Republican all the way down the ballot.

    1. That might be generally true but still that should be evaluated on a "case by case" basis. It is possible to have a RINO so progressive they might as well be a Democrat. For many years, when I was in Maryland's eighth congressional district, we were cursed with Connie Morella, a RINO who originally went into office on Reagan's coattails. Not only did she support every pro-abort bill, she co-authored the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, rendering clinic rescues a felony. At times I voted Democrat against her just to try to break her incumbent's stranglehold on that seat.
      During the year 2000, the Constitution Party floated a 3rd party candidate, Brian Saunders. At that time, a third party had to be petitioned to the ballot, and 9000 signatures were required. I immediately launched a petition drive and we were successful in getting him on the ballot. Connie Morella had her first 3-way race. I should point out that Saunders pledged to support GOP leadership, including the vote for Speaker. I voted for Saunders for in that case there was no advantage to having Morella over Saunders. Indeed, Morella won and earned the dubious distinction of being the only Republican not to vote for any of the articles of impeachment for Bill Clinton.
      Morella was voted out after the Dems redistricted Maryland. I was not sorry to see her go. By the way - she claimed to be Catholic. She has since switched to the Anglicans, claiming they're more to her liking.

      Some local races throughout the country may occasion similar scenarios.

  3. Well Janet, you are correct about this. I always study ALL the candidates running locally to make sure I know where they stand on ALL the issues. There is one Senator running that is Republican on the upcoming ballot that is not pro life and is pro gay marriage, but there is (I believe) an Independent running against him that is at least more in line with Catholic values, and I will vote for him. I agree with you though, people MUST KNOW their candidates no matter what party they're affiliated with. In the end, we do the best we can in voting for the people closest to our values as Catholics.


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