Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Left Faking And Exploiting The Rio Grande Drowning

All left-wing pundits and progressive bishops are going ballistic over the drowning deaths of a border-crasher and his little girl.  Some have gone so far as to blame President Trump when, at most, the child had been on US soil for a few minutes.  To be sure, their deaths were sad, but not both were victims.  The child was - of her parents' stupidity and lawlessness.

Louis Verrichio of AKA Catholic has some thoughts on the whole scenario and the picture that has succeeded in causing rational thought in the left to be even more addled than usual.  I invite you to take a look at it and to ponder the very existence of the photograph.  How indeed did that photographer just happen to stumble on that sad scene?  If indeed it was a coincidence (mighty far-fetched), wouldn't a responsible, truly caring response be to ascertain the condition of the two before snapping pictures?  For all this person knew, maybe they were still able to be assisted.

If anyone lacked compassion and decency here, it was the left-wing media who probably positioned their corpses face-down in the water for cheap photo-ops.  It is they who exploited and yes, victimized, the two dead people for the sake of their own insipid narratives.  I'm sure that fact is not entirely lost on the progressive bishops, so the shame of that exploitation lies on their heads as well.


  1. The left will do ANYTHING to further "the cause".

  2. Rational thought has vaporized. As it turns out, America is getting dumber by the day, and as our IQ moves downward, the ability to use facts, reason, and logic has also trended downward. Dumb people think dumb things, and are easily influenced. Almost all media is sheer propaganda, so we see the general direction, down.
    Our southern border has seen an invasion, and now the US government has literally moved thousands of people by bus and plane, out there to the hinterlands of the US. I don't understand the recent talk of mass deportations. Of who? The people who just got flown all around the nation? We're all for it, hope it happens, but the Democrats have made sure America is swamped. Free Medicare for all!

  3. And as an aside, that was a terrible photo, but we simply cannot take in the entire Third World, without turning into the Third World ourselves. Many Americans are already hurting, like our seniors and vets, who paid the dues all their lives into Medicare and in military service. Help them.


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