Saturday, July 20, 2019

El Pregonero - Accessory To Sin

El Pregonero is a publication of the Archdiocese of Washington that ostensibly caters to Spanish-speaking Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington.  Law-abiding Hispanics can be excused for believing that they are of no concern for the staff of El Pregonero as this publication is catering to those who have flouted US immigration laws.

The publication is in Spanish, but it is quite easy to read it in English.  Using Chrome, put in the link "elpreg(dot)org".  The site will come up and Chrome will ask if you want it translated into English.  Answer in the affirmative, if you wish.

As you can imagine the preg staff is all aflutter regarding the deportation efforts that have started this week.  Here's one gem: "Persecuted, But In Need: The Harsh Reality Of The Undocumented".  Wrong nomenclature.  One can only be persecuted in the true sense of the word when they suffer for doing what is right and just.   1 Peter 2:20 makes clear that if one suffers for sinning, there is no merit.

The preg staff, like their bosses in the liberal Church structure, insist on using euphamisms to cover the reality of sinful conduct.  "Undocumented" simply means those who have crashed our borders or overstayed their visas in defiance of US immigration laws.  What?  Will shoplifters soon be called "undocumented customers" or bank robberies be called "undocumented bank withdrawals"?

In a post several years ago, I recited the Church's teaching on the ways in which we can cooperate with the sins of others.  That list is in the first post of this anthology.  It doesn't require that much imagination to see how the bishops, and El Pregonero, are sharing in the guilt of border-crashing in most of the ways listed.  What may not be so obvious is the occurrence of #7: partnership - sharing the fruits of the sin.  Let's bear in mind that the Church has lots of money riding on the numbers of border-crashers that come into this country.  I'd be willing to bet that the preg staff understands that.

We'll be keeeping an eye on this rag in the future.


  1. Very true. Great perspective.

  2. Let's just "accompany" everyone to hell, along with Barron and Gregory!


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