Wednesday, July 3, 2019

One Year After The McCarrick Revelations

If we learned anything from the recent dog-and-pony extravaganza that the US bishops threw for themselves in Baltimore last month, it's that they don't intend to change one thing about their conduct of Church affairs.  Of course I'm speaking primarily of how they cover for their confreres who just happen to be serial homosexual predators.

Father Gerald Murray (one of the Papal Posse featured on The World Over) penned a piece for LifeSiteNews regarding that fact.  He pointed out that McCarrick is still residing in that Kansas priory.  We still don't know who's paying those expenses.  Even more troubling, we still don't know why he is living in such close proximity to young boys.  Yes, he's been laicized, but I'd be willing to bet that he agreed to "take one for the team" as long as he lives in relative comfort - as he might define "comfort".  It must also be borne in mind that he probably has some dirt on many prelates so they aren't willing to induce him into bean-spilling.  Thus he's allowed to live in comfort during his final years.  HOWEVER - if McCarrick doesn't repent and do serious reparation, he won't be at all comfortable in his eternity.

Father Murray.also touches on Bishop Bransfield and why Lori is pussy-footing with that investigation.  Lori had his name expunged from a report that revealed that he received money from Bransfield.  Only when "caught with his hand in the cookie jar" did Lori issue a rambling mea culpa.  More and more, Lori is looking like he is very much compromised.  That would explain his complete disregard for the gay-related crap emanating from St Matthew's on Loch Raven Blvd.

Below we see Michael Voris interview four men fighting this filth, including James Grein, who had been abused by McCarrick for decades as a boy and young man.  We like them, need to shine the light on this rot so that it can be purged.


  1. Sorry I cannot comply with the first part of your comments criteria.Some license should be allowed for those of us that are sick to the nether regions with some of our gutless prelates. Just so we can really let them know what we think of them...

    1. This is my blog. If you find my criteria too restrictive, you certainly have other options. For instance, you can start your own blog just as I did.

    2. You seem to have missed my point entirely. I was simply saying its impossible for anyone to say exactly what one feels about these 'descendants of the Apostle' and comply with your criteria. That bit about being respectful and courteous.... I have no access to the appropriate emoji otherwise I would have inserted that one with a smiling face and dexter eyelid shut. Why would I start my own blog when there are perfectly good ones about like yours...Keep up your good work

  2. I know: let's force all the laity who work around "youth" to be fingerprinted, since they have had absolutely nothing to do with the homo abuses!


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