Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bangkok - Pope Calls For Humanism, Not Conversion To Jesus

A few days ago while in Bangkok, the pope called for an "integral humanism", a "cooperation between religions".  Why?  Because he's concerned about "our common home".  Notice a few things:
  • The sole focus on the world of the "here and now", with no mention whatsover of eternal realities such as the Last Four Things
  • Not one mention of Jesus Christ and the need to conversion to the One True Faith
  • Religious indifferentism, treating all religions as though they are equal in importance and value.  That is utterly false since the Roman Catholic Church has been entrusted with the Sacraments and the Deposit of Faith.
Lastly there is that word "humanism".  The Gloria article states that the meaning of the term "integral humanism" is unclear.  I think it's meaning is frighteningly clear.  Moreover, I think the pope knows its meaning too.  For starters, let's look at the American Humanist Association.  At the top left of the main page, look at its tagline: "Good Without God".  The astute reader will look at that tagline and realize the inherent problem.  That is, without God, who or what defines what is good?  It has a subpage that offers various definitions of humanism.  Among them is one proffered by the Humanist Society of Western New York.  Notice the second sentence.  According to them, humanists believe that this is the only life of which we have knowledge and that we "owe it to ourselves" to make it the best life for ourselves and others with whom we share "this fragile planet".  With that last sentence in mind, does that not shed some light on the pope's complete silence regarding God and eternal life?

Several months ago, Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego spoke on similar themes at the World Meeting of Popular Movements.  My blogging colleague at Cal-Catholic.com published some exerpts that deserve some special emphasis, owing to their inimical content.  McElroy yapped and yammered about "our common home" (buzz term alert!)  He also stated that the US economy "must be contained within a big government juridical structure" for "wealth is a common heritage".  This is socialism, rooted in the same atheistic foundations as humanism.  Here is a brief synopsis detailing why socialism is sinful.  Here's a list of previous popes condemning socialism

All this and more is just part and parcel of the progressive/masonic attempt to establish a one-world government devoid of God, a secular utopia if you will.  Both the Roman Catholic Church and the United States stand as clear obstacles to that establishment and thus the progressives strive to undermine the Church and the US.  In this current pope they have a willing accomplice.  That is not the case for the United States - for now.

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