Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Here Comes Some More New Sins!

A few months ago the pope announced that he was changing the catechism to declare the death penalty to be inherently immoral.  I wrote some pieces to explain why his attempt is itself the evil of heresy.  I needn't rehash them; see here and here.

From the Vatican News website we read that the pope is planning to add yet two other sins: the use of nuclear weapons and the possession of nuclear weapons.  Well, I for one am glad that these are sins that I won't have to confess.  I, like all the other Great Unwashed, simply can't run over to the hardware store and stock up on those things.  I know Home Depot doesn't carry them.  But enough of the well-deserved sarcasm.

Of course he bloviated in Japan.  Now if he said those things while wagging his finger under the nose of Kim Jong-Un or Xi Jinping, then I might be impressed.  The fact is, as long as the bad guys have them, we need to have them too.  That balance of power is necessary to discourage nuclear attacks.  That's common sense.  But progressive folk seem to be bereft of common sense.  Either that or they really want to force western civilization into a subservient position.  Given other recent actions of this Vatican, I believe it's the latter.

I anticipate that soon we'll hear that the use and possession of plastic straws is sinful, warranting its own addition to the catechism.

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